31st Sea Games - Vietnam 2021 Covid-19 Pandemic
ASEAN needs to be firm in South China Sea issues: Hanoi
ASEAN as a whole has to play a leading role in keeping peace, security, and stability in the South China Sea.
19:29, 2021/29/26
Vietnam calls for flexible adaptation to Covid-19 in ASEAN
The new approach will enable ASEAN to resume its travel corridor and supply chain, giving vitality to different industries, including tourism.
16:23, 2020/23/12
ASEAN needs to proceed recovery plans right away: Vietnam PM
ASEAN is urged to enhance institutional capacity and operational efficiency for its apparatus.
11:51, 2020/51/10
37th ASEAN Summit: Opportunity to shape new future
Strong commitment to better partnership between ASEAN and its partners will be the focus of the last summit this year.
10:00, 2020/00/06
37th ASEAN Summit set to pass record high of documents
The summit is said to focus on the partnership between ASEAN and its partners.
11:35, 2020/35/23
Vietnam to finalize legal framework for smart city model
Vietnam has already held a number of advantages for smart city development, including a broad coverage of 4G network, high accessibility of IT services and smartphone penetration in the country.
22:12, 2020/12/30
How has the pandemic affected COC negotiations?
No meeting regarding to Code of Conduct in the South China Sea has been held since the beginning of this year.
08:00, 2020/00/28
ASEAN cares about vulnerable people hit by Covid-19
So far, as many as 143,587 people in ASEAN member states have tested positive for the coronavirus and nearly 4,200 deaths are reported.
10:39, 2020/39/22
36th ASEAN Summit to be held online on June 26
The summit will take place at a time when the coronavirus outbreaks are sweeping across the globe and some ASEAN countries have become hotspots.
21:13, 2020/13/23
ASEAN Summit postponed until end-June due to pandemic
The postponement comes after eight out of 10 ASEAN members confirmed coronavirus cases.