31st Sea Games - Vietnam 2021 Covid-19 Pandemic
Vietnam’s Sun Air to fly by Q3/2022
The Vietnamese Ministry of Transport granted a license to Sun Air, which is owned by Sun Group, a Vietnamese real estate developer.
14:47, 2021/47/27
Vietnam plans to resume int'l flights in Q4
Vietnam's resumption of international flights must also be rolled out in line with the pandemic’s developments.
12:35, 2021/35/29
Vietnam's aviation industry seeks emergency loans to survive Covid-19 pandemic
The aviation sector remains an important part of the economy and would rebound strongly once the pandemic is contained.
14:59, 2021/59/28
Vietnamese aviation firms in dire need of Gov't aid
The support policies need to be practical and useful.
16:00, 2021/00/18
Vietnamese airlines increase fees to cope with Covid-19
The resurgence of Covid-19 outbreak is hurting local airlines again this year.
21:51, 2021/51/08
Local airlines raise ticket prices from May 9
Airlines noted a higher system administration fee would help airlines raise their services quality, especially in ticket sale system.
15:55, 2021/55/24
Vietnam aviation industry set to suffer losses of US$650 million in 2021
To further stimulate demand, airlines are forced to offer big promotions, which in turn contribute to incurring greater losses right in the peak season.
17:57, 2021/57/23
No Boeing 777 aircraft currently operational in Vietnam
In the past, a number of Vietnamese airlines used to operate Boeing 777 aircraft, however, all had been liquidated in the 2017-18 period.
15:36, 2021/36/28
Domestic market to remain priority for Vietnam aviation industry in 2021
The efficiency of Covid-19 vaccine will be a decisive factor for Vietnam to ease current travel restriction and resume international flights.
16:47, 2020/47/22
Vietnamese aviation authority proposes 3 options for transfer passengers from 3rd country
The international flights are requested to be safely conducted and comply with preventive measures.
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