31st Sea Games - Vietnam 2021 Covid-19 Pandemic
PM urges to curb unofficial trade routes to China
He said Vietnam’s farm produces still relies on certain markets and lacks national brands of global reach.
19:16, 2021/16/26
Vietnam in need of national strategy for veggie exports to EU
Vietnam currently makes up 1% of total EU imports of vegetables and fruits.
08:17, 2021/17/14
Ministers pledge strong support for Hanoi development
Senior officials give solutions to address current problems and challenges facing Hanoi in various fields.
16:54, 2021/54/08
Hanoi agriculture strives to grow at least 3% this year
The city has mapped out specific solutions to ensure farm production goals, while minimizing the impact, towards sustainable development.
15:33, 2020/33/12
Hanoi steps up economic restructuring to hit growth target
Hanoi continues to encourage the business community to join the city’s efforts in restructuring the agricultural sector.
14:11, 2020/11/04
Vietnam agricultural sector considered most vulnerable to nCoV
The ongoing epidemic is predicted to impact the trade flow of agricultural products between Vietnam and China in six to eight months.