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Which are the top 5 business areas in Vietnam in 2020?
Business sectors that could capitalize on the 100 million population will be set for strong growth, said an expert.
10:46, 2019/46/05
Pork prices to make huge impact on Vietnam’s CPI in 2020
Vietnam’s inflation in 2020 is forecast to hit 3.5%, higher than the government’s estimated 3.17 – 3.41% in 2019, while the pressure will build up right at the beginning of next year.
15:23, 2019/23/04
Hanoi aims 2020 GRDP growth of at least 7.5%
This would result in income per capita of VND136 million (US$5,871), significantly higher than Vietnam’s GDP per capita of US$3,000 in 2016 – 2020 and an estimated US$4,688 in 2021 – 2025.
17:20, 2019/20/11
Vietnam gov’t insists on estimating trade deficit in 2020 after 4 years of surplus
There could be another wave of investment capital to Vietnam in 2020 in anticipation of the enactment of the EU – Vietnam Free Trade Agreement, as well as impacts of the US – China trade war, leading to a surge in imports of equipment, machinery and input materials, said Minister of Industry and Trade Tran Tuan Anh.
11:10, 2019/10/11
Vietnam parliament approves 2020 GDP growth target of 6.8%
The 2020 socio-economic plan stressed the importance of restructuring the economy by revising the growth model, and accelerating the implementation of major projects that serve as driving forces for growth.
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