31st Sea Games - Vietnam 2021 Covid-19 Pandemic
Some 200,000 doses of Vero-Cell vaccine donated by China arrive in Vietnam
The gift represents the sentiment of the Chinese military and government to the armed forces and people of Vietnam.
17:25, 2021/25/24
About 200,000 Hanoians to get Covid-19 vaccines per day
The vaccination campaign is aimed at expanding the vaccination coverage in the capital city.
10:19, 2021/19/15
Some 200,000 vehicles must have safety cameras
Transport operators have to equip their vehicles with 4G or 5G security camera.
16:36, 2020/36/25
Vietnam plans to bring citizens in S.Korea home amid Covid-19 outbreak
Vietnam is preparing for the repatriation of its citizens if the situation in South Korea, Japan, and Taiwan (China) worsens.
13:28, 2020/28/25
Vietnam PM demands quarantine to all people coming from coronavirus-hit areas
Vietnam said its top priority is to keep the situation under control to protect people's health.
09:38, 2020/38/22
Vietnam grants investment decision to US$4-billion LNG project
This is the biggest foreign direct investment project in the Mekong Delta so far, scheduled to become fully operational by the end of 2027.