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Another perspective on Hanoi Street in Hoang Dinh exhibition
Jenna Duong 18:10, 2023/03/13
A different Hanoi in the abstract oil paintings of the old Vietnamese painter leaves a strong visual impression on the viewers.

The group exhibition entitled "HOME" by Hanoi artist Hoang Dinh and his four sons will be held from March 18 to 28 at the Vietnam Museum of Fine Arts, 66 Nguyen Thai Hoc Street, Hanoi.

 70-year-old painter Hoang Dinh and one of his artworks. Photo: Uyen Ly

"HOME", featuring 36 artworks, is held on the occasion of Hoang Dinh's 70th birthday anniversary and focuses on the common creative theme of memory and family.

The artist showcases this time 15 of his latest oil and lacquer paintings on the streets of Hanoi: the fresh and energetic "visual signs". Meanwhile, his children, all with artistic skills, present 21 oil paintings of landscapes, abstractions, and portraits, with much affection, purity, and poetry.

Oil painting is Hoang Dinh's favorite material. His oil paintings on canvas are full of optimism and improvisation.

Poetry critic Dang Than wrote about the series of paintings in the painter's exhibitions: "This artist's new atmospheric landscape "Ab-Sur" (Abstract - Surrealist) is on the borderline between symbol and abstraction. Hanoi in his paintings is no longer a "vivid scenery" usually seen in others. It is enchanting and dreamlike "visual signs" skillfully projected from the "abstractionist-surrealist" eyes".

The artwork titled "Lit-up street" by Hoang Dinh

Songs about Hanoi are key inspirations for Hoang Dinh's paintings of the streets of Hanoi. He said of the connection between art and music in his works: "Works of art are not created to record the world, but a vivid realm with a strong connection to the outside world, where there is nature, artists and audiences, and all sensations from harmonious melodies to raging sounds; from the piece "Binh minh tren pho" or Dawn on the Street to "Pho len den" or Lighted Street; from "Pho binh yen" or Serene Street to "Pho xanh" or Green Street... They all move to form the rhythms that touch the audience, converse with them, and bring them into a truly interactive relationship".

"Details are no longer just visual signals, but are in constant motion, similar to the most basic rhythmic components of music: the melody that moves with the rhythm; the same is true of poetry. Rhythm is the essence of art," added Dinh.

Born in 1953, artist Hoang Dinh graduated from high school, completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Industrial Fine Arts, and then earned a master's degree in Art & Design in the Netherlands.

The oil on canvas artwork Tran Quoc Temple by Hoang Dinh 

He was in charge of the Graphic Design Department at Hanoi Open University. He has been interested in visual arts since his youth and continued his art practice in addition to his work in graphic design.

The painter participated in several group exhibitions, in addition to successful solo exhibitions. He has received considerable recognition, both local and international art awards, and his works are included in collections in the USA, Canada, the Netherlands, Austria, Singapore, and Vietnam.

Below are some typical paintings on display at the exhibition:

The artwork titled "Wandering roofs" by Hoang Dinh.
 "Our little marine landscape" by Khanh Linh,  the third daughter of Hoang Dinh.
 The painting titled "Wisteria by the pond" by Chuc Anh, the second daughter of the painter.

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Another perspective on Hanoi Street in Hoang Dinh exhibition
A different Hanoi in the abstract oil paintings of the old Vietnamese painter leaves a strong visual impression on the viewers.
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