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Vietnamese photographer wins gold medals at int’l photo contest 2020
Nhat Minh 11:39, 2020/04/06
Vietnamese photographers have won 17 prizes in 10 out of 12 sections at the international photo contest 2020, according to the Vietnam Artistic Photographers’ Association.

Photographer Vu Huy Thong has won two gold medals at the international exhibition of photographic art Contrast 2020 organized by Photo club Infinity from Doboj, Bosnia and Herzegovina in late March.

 Maternal love #2 by Vu Huy Thong. Photos: Tap chi Nhiep anh

Thong’s two works titled “Maternal love #2” and “The last wharf” conquered the sections of birds and life, respectively. He also received the Master of Light (MoL) ribbon for his photo Happy Emotion in the portrait section. 

 Small and Big by Duong Van Nhi. Photos: Tap chi Nhiep anh

Meanwhile, photographer Duong Van Nhi received the salon silver medal for his photo Small and Big in the monochrome and color section. 

Photographer Dang Ke Cuong won a MoL Ribbon for his photo Minute of Rest in the life category. Cuong also picked up three awards in the Colour; Travel and Life sections for his pictures Funeral during the Flood Day, Hoi An Impression and Minute of Rest.  

 Funeral during the Flood day by Dang Ke Cuong. Photos: Tap chi Nhiep anh

Other Vietnamese photographers also received many honorable mentions and their photos were displayed at the exhibition. 

The organizing board received 4,897 entries of 181 photographers from 47 countries and territories. Two hundred outstanding photos in 12 sections for digital camera were honored.

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