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Vietnam through the lens of international photographers
Jenna Duong 17:07, 2021/12/07
Vietnam is now closer than a map would suggest, thanks to the vivid photos captured by international photographers of Vietnam International Photography Festival.

Nearly 180 distinguished works of professional and amateur photographers from 19 countries and territories selected at the Vietnam International Photography Festival have been on display for the public at http://ape.gov.vn.

According to the Festival Organizing Committee, the contest attracted 98 professional and amateur photographers from 19 countries and territories who submitted 1,567 works.

“These submissions feature various themes, ranging from architecture to beautiful landscapes, Vietnamese people at work to vibrant modern life,” the Festival Organizing Committee stated, adding that all of them show the international photographers’ love and respect for the country and people of Vietnam.

The Hanoi Times would like to introduce some typical photographic works taken by international photographers as below:

 “Inside a Pottery Workshop” (2013) by Marie Louise Bernard (France)
 “Making fishing net in Vinh Thanh Village” (2019) by Agatha Bunanta (Indonesia)
“The Sunrise in Lak Lake” (2019) by Art PH Chen (Taiwan-China)
“Having breakfast” -Sapa Town (2016) by Jean Pierre Duverge (France)
“Ha Long Bay” (2019) by Igor Imramshoev (Russia)
 “Bird of Prey” (2019) by Adrien Jean (France)
 “Sand Hills” - Phan Rang Province” (2016) by Burak Senbak (Turkey)
 “Long Dien Salt Field” (2014) by Francis Tack (France)
 “Fishing” (2014) by Marie José Tack (France)

“Making Banh xeo” - An Giang Province” (2016) by David Poey Cher Tay (Singapore)

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