Vietnam tests internet speed measuring app in foreign countries
Anh Kiet 14:15, 2021/09/19
The VNNIC cooperated with NetNam Joint Stock Company to test two i-Speed ​​measuring apps located in Singapore and Hong Kong, which are two major Internet transit points in the region.

i-Speed, the first made-in-Vietnam internet speed measuring app, is being rolled out in foreign countries, according to the Vietnam Internet Network Information Centre (VNNIC).

From September 5, the VNNIC cooperated with NetNam Joint Stock Company to test two i-Speed ​​measuring apps located in Singapore and Hong Kong, which are two major Internet transit points in the region. Measuring the speed of the international Internet access at the two points will objectively reflect the speed of Vietnam's international Internet connection.

i-Speed, developed by the VNNIC from a web-based system to measure internet access quality in Vietnam, was officially put into operation in the capital city of Hanoi in April 2020.

Then, it has been widely used and supported by the Authority of Telecommunications under the Ministry of Information and Communication.

Built for iOS and Android platforms, i-Speed helps users check the speed of their internet connection, including download and upload speeds, ping, and jitter, and quickly evaluates network service quality.

 i-Speed is the first made-in-Vietnam internet speed measuring app. Photo: VNA

Representatives from VNNIC and the Authority of Telecommunications said that i-Speed’s development together with data on internet access quality has contributed to completing multidimensional statistics on Vietnam’s internet while promoting competitiveness between service providers.

Figures from the i-Speed show that average download and upload speeds across major Vietnamese mobile networks reached 40.47 Mbps and 25.73 Mbps, respectively, in the first quarter. Those of fixed broadband were 57.60 Mbps and 47.40 Mbps.

Last year, VNNIC joined hands with the Authority of Telecommunications and network service providers to develop internet speed measurement facilities in 30 localities nationwide.

Ten businesses are now carrying out internet speed measurements: VNPT, Viettel, Vietnamobile, MobiFone, NetNam, HTC, FPT Telecom, CMC Telecom, SCTV, and SPT.

In the time to come, VNNIC will work to upgrade i-Speed to ensure that Vietnam has a safe and modern internet network and to improve the capacity of digital infrastructure to serve national digitalization goals.

Data on the internet connectivity speeds of internet service providers is available at https://speedtest.vn and https://i-speed.vn, helping users choose suitable internet service providers.

The current period is recording a sudden increase in the intensity of Internet use when agencies, businesses, and localities simultaneously work and study online amid the increasingly serious evolution of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Results in seven days show that the average speed of fixed broadband Internet access (download) is 38.76 Mbps, upload is 30.38 Mbps. With the mobile broadband network, the download speed is 34.34 Mbps, upload is 14.41 Mbps. These speeds are lower than the national average measured at domestic measurement points.

Based on the analysis and evaluation results of the piloting phase, the VNNIC will implement official measurement points at regional and international Internet Hubs, in order to better serve users’ needs, support businesses’ activities, and Internet State management in Vietnam.

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