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Vietnam takes lead in support for government’s pandemic handling
Linh Pham 11:03, 2020/05/22
Up to 98% of local people are satisfied with the government's response to the crisis.

Vietnam tops a list of surveyed countries for the percentage of local people showing their backing for the government’s response to the coronavirus pandemic, according to YouGov, a London-based international research data and analytics group.

 Vietnam tops countries for the people's positive sentiment towards the government's pandemic response  in survey from February 20 to May 15. Source: YouGov

Up to 93% of people in Vietnam surveyed from February 20 to May 15 think their government’s handling with the crisis “very” well and at some certain time, and 98% of them were satisfied with the government’s fight against the virus.

In the latest report on May 12, up to 97% of people showed their satisfaction of the government’s reaction.

In terms of trust in the government, Vietnam comes top with 94% saying they trust the state during the Covid-19 pandemic.

 Vietnamese spirits are rising fastest in the wake of their success tackling coronavirus. Source: YouGov

Meanwhile, 89% of Vietnamese people showed the level of trust in the media, followed by Malaysia with 82%, Singapore with 75% and the Philippines with 72%.

In terms of spirit during the social distancing period, the Vietnamese are substantially more likely to see their moods improving than people anywhere else.

In the week May 5-13, the country ranked first with up to 70% of Vietnamese people saying they were happier than two weeks before.

A global study by Dalia Research showed in early April that the Vietnamese government earned the highest national public trust globally, with 62% of Vietnamese people saying they are happy with the government’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

As of May 22, Vietnam has confirmed 324 coronavirus cases and no deaths, compared to 29,812 cases in Singapore, 20,162 in Indonesia, 13,434 in the Philippines, 7,059 in Malaysia, and 3,037 in Thailand, statistics by Johns Hopkins University showed.

Vietnam has become an international media spotlight for its success in containing the virus. After a three-week social distancing campaign in April, the country has gradually reopened activities of all spheres, including schools, non-essential services and domestic travel.

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