Vietnam improves two grades in global innovation index
Anh Kiet 20:56, 2018/07/11
The Ministry of Science & Technology and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) on July 10 released the Global Innovation Index (GII) report for 2018.
Vietnam has gained another improvement in global innovation rankings, climbing two grades compared to 2017 and 14 grades compared to 2016 to reach the 45th post among 126 economies, with the scores higher than the average in seven categories.

Among 30 low middle-income countries rated, Vietnam ranked second after Ukraine, according to the report.
Photo: WIPO
GII 2018 with 21 indexes and 80 sub-indices is still divided into seven main categories with five input ones being macro institutions, human resources and research, infrastructure, market and environment business, and two output ones being knowledge and technology products, and creative products.

Results of the GII 2018 demonstrate the outcome of efforts made by the Vietnamese government in developing synchronous and practical solutions to improve the business environment, raise the national competitiveness and the capacity for national innovation.

Innovation is now widely recognized as a central driver of economic growth and development.

The GII aims to capture the multi-dimensional facets of innovation by providing a rich of database of detailed metrics for 126 economies.

Especially, for the new index on online creation, that is mobile application creation index, an indicator of digital economy, Vietnam ranked 16th instead of 52nd spot on uploading video to YouTube in 2017.

Sacha Wunsch-Wincent, WIPO’s senior expert, said that Vietnam has emerged as a special country in this year's ranking for two reasons. Firstly, Vietnam has continuously been promoted in the global innovation index. Secondly, Vietnam has been continuously recognized as a prominent country in innovation for economic development.

Vietnam is also the only country with direction from the prime minister with a resolution to set up a special group of specialists, different ministries and departments to promote innovation policy.

In addition to keeping and improving the results achieved for the past time, the Ministry of Science and Technology has proposed a number of measures to improve indicators that Vietnam is currently under the weakest category or in downward trend in recent years.
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