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Vietnam tourism develops unique, unusual tours to lure visitors in 2021
The tourism industry identifies domestic travelers as the key segment for its development this year.
07:59, 2021/01/13
New Vietnamese platform of vacation exchange debuts
VPASS will help travelers in Vietnam to exchange their vacations with other travelers around the world.
08:14, 2021/01/11
Vietnam tourism sector to “Link, Act and Develop” in 2021
In 2020, total revenue from tourists was estimated at VND321.2 trillion (US$13.8 billion), down about 58.7% from a year earlier.
15:13, 2021/01/08
Four tourism ideas for winter
Despite of freezing cold weather in the northern part of Vietnam, four types of travels listed below could be ideal choices for short trips at the weekend.
16:01, 2021/01/05
Tourism and cuisine of the eastern Mekong River Delta showcased in Binh Phuoc Province
The display is part of tourism promotion campaigns for the Mekong River Delta in eastern Vietnam.
22:31, 2021/01/03
Hanoi welcomes first domestic tourists on first day of 2021
The Temple of Literature is chosen as the first destination for a group of domestic tourists on the occasion of the 2021 New Year Day.
17:31, 2020/12/26
Hanoi targets welcoming up to 19 million visitors in 2021
Hanoi, along with other cities and provinces, is trying to find synchronous solutions to attract visitors again in 2021.
06:33, 2020/12/22
Hanoi travel agencies join hand to overcome Covid-19 pandemic
Six travel companies in Hanoi have opened a center for in-house tourism skill training.
14:48, 2020/12/14
Hanoi targets green, sustainable tourism
The development of green tourism has cemented the city's position on the national tourist map.
15:59, 2020/12/08
Hanoi tour operators adapt to Covid-19
Booking tours for the New Year holidays has not been very difficult amid the Covid-19, as the city's tour operators have plans to handle the pandemic situation.
09:23, 2020/11/09
Hanoi tourism flourishes on second stimulus program
Cooperation programs between travel businesses in Hanoi and other provinces have gained positive results.
11:55, 2020/10/29
Vietnamese travelers shift to exploratory tours in post Covid-19: Google
Flexible booking is also one of the top deciding factors for Asia-Pacific (APAC) and Vietnamese travelers when it comes to the booking process in the present time, aside from price and safety.
11:14, 2020/10/20
Vietnam ministry calls on localities, enterprises to revive tourism
Along with the tourism stimulus packages, ensuring safety and enhancing communication activities are key to do away with the fear for travel of tourists in the context of Covid-19.
14:49, 2020/10/14
Vietnam to build tourism workforce database
Statistical works on human resource in the tourism industry has been identified as a mandatory and urgent task.
14:49, 2020/09/22
Foreign travel agencies plans to bring tourists to Vietnam early 2021
Some foreign travel agencies are waiting for the reopening of national borders to prepare detailed plans to bring tourists to Vietnam.
14:52, 2020/09/13
Vietnam resumes stimulus tourism activities as Covid-19 put under control
To develop sustainably the tourism industry in the new normal, besides stimulating demand, the most important thing is to ensure safety for tourists.
13:10, 2020/09/09
Vietnam launches Green Travel webpage to boost responsible tourism
The Green Travel page will help travelers find the best sustainable tourism options in Vietnam.
13:54, 2020/08/06
Vietnamese travel businesses struggle with Covid-19 again
The new wave of the Covid-19 pandemic is dealing a heavy blow to the tourism industry, just when it is thought to be recovering after the lift of social distancing orders.
19:06, 2020/05/27
Vietnam transport ministry eyes resumption of international flights
The resumption of international air services will breathe life into Vietnam's tourism industry, which has been hard hit by Covid-19.
08:36, 2020/05/15
Vietnamese travelers to benefits from post-Covid-19 tourism incentives
Vietnamese people will prefer to travel freestyle or with families and friends using family vehicles.
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