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Int’l magazine recommends favorite things to do in Vietnam
Searching for Vietnam’s best pho is recommendable in Hanoi.
14:45, 2020/04/12
Vietnam carriers plan to resume domestic flights from April 16
Air carriers plan to resume domestic flights after the nationwide social distancing order ends on April 15, suggest their passengers that they should use online check-in procedures via websites.
15:55, 2020/04/09
Vietnam’s impressive bridges attract tourists
With unique designs, Rong May glass bridge, Golden bridge and Dragon bridge are impressive destinations for tourists in Vietnam.
10:17, 2020/04/08
Vietnam Airlines limits passengers per flight to HCMC, Danang
The national airline announced on April 5 to limit the number of passengers per flight to Ho Chi Minh City to ensure testing passengers for Covid-19.
13:06, 2020/03/23
Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum ceases guest service from March 23 on Covid
It's unknown when the service will be resumed.
15:41, 2020/03/20
Hanoi remains a friendly-safe destination for foreign tourists despite Covid-19
Many enterprises operating in the tourism industry have acted together to keep Hanoi a welcoming and safe destination for foreign tourists despite Covid-19 fears.
17:10, 2020/03/18
Tourist sites nationwide closed to visitors due to Covid
Tourist sites in many cities and provinces have announced their closures to restrict the spread of the pandemic.
17:23, 2020/03/17
Tourist destinations in Hanoi remain closed until March 31 on Covid-19
Tourism venues in Hanoi shut down amid the Covid-19 outbreak.
16:47, 2020/02/26
Vietnam agency recommends denial of tourists from coronavirus-hit regions
Vietnam's tourism administration asked tourism departments and travel agents nationwide to closely monitor the Covid-19 epidemic in South Korea and a number of other major tourist markets.
14:34, 2020/02/13
Pilgrims asked to wear masks when visiting pagodas and temples
Vietnam’s Buddhist Sangha also asked Buddhist temples to halt all festivals and worship courses which congregate large numbers of pilgrims from all over the country.
09:27, 2020/01/18
Official ground-breaking and announcement ceremony for BRG Garden City project in Ha Nam
The project is expected to become a complex of comfortable and high-class services for residents and tourists in Ha Nam.
22:24, 2020/01/02
Announcement ceremony for Chu Dau Ceramic Village tourist attraction
Chu Dau Ceramic is an ancient ceramic line in Vietnam, originating from as early as the 12th century.
15:22, 2019/12/30
Vietnam reaches target of welcoming 18 million foreign arrivals in 2019
In 2019, Vietnam has witnessed the strong growth in the inbound market, especially Thailand as the number of visitors from that country to Vietnam increased by 45.9% year-on-year.
17:11, 2019/12/10
Why foreign tourists hesitate to spend big in Vietnam?
The revenue generated from inbound tourism has not been commensurate to the tourism potential.
13:41, 2019/12/06
Travel business earns exclusive rights to offer tours to Son Doong cave for 10 years
Son Doong was found in 1991 and became internationally known as the biggest cave in the world in 2009.
00:32, 2019/12/06
Exploring singularities of 54 Vietnamese ethnic groups right in Hanoi
The lyrical landscape emerges with the unique architectural space of the ethnic groups.
17:45, 2019/12/04
Vietnam tourism earns two world’s leading titles for first time
These two titles lengthen a list of awards Vietnam has gained at global and and regional scale.
12:01, 2019/12/01
Foreign visitors to Vietnam marks record growth in November
Asia still held the lion’s share among the Vietnamese tourist markets, making up 81.1% of total foreign arrivals to Vietnam in November.
16:25, 2019/11/29
Hanoi ranks second in top 10 honeymoon cities in Asia
The magazine described the city as a “great place to get away for a romantic trip, experience Vietnamese culture, learn about their history, and have some delicious food.”
19:44, 2019/11/25
Capturing enthralling pinky buckwheat flowers in Ha Giang this November
For the locals in the northern mountainous of Cao Bang and Ha Giang, the buckwheat seeds also serve as an additional food supplement between two seasons and its weeds and leaves could be used as medicine.
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