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Vietnam among most searched places for visiting once travel ban lifted
Travelers start to make a list of destinations they want to escape to when Covid-19 is under control.
08:35, 2020/09/09
Where to see ripening rice fields in North Vietnam
The time between August and October is the best to experience golden rice fields in the North.
15:12, 2020/07/24
Domestic air travel surges in Vietnam
Between July 13 and 20, around one million people travel by air, up 27% against the same period last year.
23:00, 2020/07/19
Vietnamese enterprises build unique regional products to attract tourists
From now to the end of the year, the number of domestic travelers is expected to reach about 70-80% of that in the same period last year.
12:39, 2020/07/13
Vietnamese people to travel confidently domestically: Google
Hanoi is among the top picks of Vietnamese travelers.
23:31, 2020/07/06
Vietnam’s Ha Long Bay listed among 50 most beautiful natural wonders: Insider
Ha Long Bay in Quang Ninh province is one of the leading tourist sites in Vietnam.
12:45, 2020/06/04
Hanoi, HCMC among most popular travel destinations in Asia
Hanoi is introduced as a “feast for the senses” from its picturesque temples and pagodas to vibrant markets.
18:11, 2020/06/02
Leonardo DiCaprio calls for protection of Halong Bay’s sister in Vietnam
Lan Ha bay looks like a paradise and needs to be protected from unsustainable tourist activities.
23:58, 2020/05/26
Vietnam among first countries likely to reopen travel industry: WeSwap
Vietnam and some other countries are considering reopening the tourism industry.
13:59, 2020/05/19
Vietnam is safe, hospitable country for travelers: Australia’s 7News
Australia’s 7News last weekend run a five-minute report on Vietnam’s effort in combating coronavirus.
12:09, 2020/05/14
Hanoi reopens museums and relic sites
Museums in Hanoi started welcoming visitors again from May 14.
14:11, 2020/05/10
Vietnam on bucket list when Covid-19 is over: US travel magazine
Travel + Leisure’s editor spends some tourism dollars in the incredibly vibrant and culturally rich part of the world when mentioning a future trip to Vietnam.
00:09, 2020/04/20
Vietnam Golden Bridge highlighted in int’l media
A US-based news introduced the Vietnamese bridge along with famous architectures in Paris and London.
14:42, 2020/04/17
Int’l magazine recommends favorite things to do in Vietnam
Searching for Vietnam’s best pho is recommendable in Hanoi.
14:45, 2020/04/12
Vietnam carriers plan to resume domestic flights from April 16
Air carriers plan to resume domestic flights after the nationwide social distancing order ends on April 15, suggest their passengers that they should use online check-in procedures via websites.
15:55, 2020/04/09
Vietnam’s impressive bridges attract tourists
With unique designs, Rong May glass bridge, Golden bridge and Dragon bridge are impressive destinations for tourists in Vietnam.
10:17, 2020/04/08
Vietnam Airlines limits passengers per flight to HCMC, Danang
The national airline announced on April 5 to limit the number of passengers per flight to Ho Chi Minh City to ensure testing passengers for Covid-19.
13:06, 2020/03/23
Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum ceases guest service from March 23 on Covid
It's unknown when the service will be resumed.
15:41, 2020/03/20
Hanoi remains a friendly-safe destination for foreign tourists despite Covid-19
Many enterprises operating in the tourism industry have acted together to keep Hanoi a welcoming and safe destination for foreign tourists despite Covid-19 fears.
17:10, 2020/03/18
Tourist sites nationwide closed to visitors due to Covid
Tourist sites in many cities and provinces have announced their closures to restrict the spread of the pandemic.
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