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Hanoi to link with other localities to boost tourism growth
From now to the end of 2020, the tourism industry of the city will boost cooperation with localities nationwide to stimulate domestic travel.
14:40, 2020/11/11
Covid-19 slices US$23 billion from Vietnam's tourism revenue
The tourism sector keeps implementing solutions for restoring performance in the final months of the year.
15:04, 2020/11/10
Vietnam’s rice terraces listed among 50 most beautiful places in 2020
The rice terraces in North Vietnam are recommended as one of the must-visit destinations.
00:09, 2020/11/10
Vietnam cultural tourism targets US$8-billion annual revenue by 2030
The draft national plan on cultural tourism will focus on the development of two key areas which are cuisine and heritage.
18:35, 2020/10/31
Hanoi listed among world’s best 10 cities for cycling enthusiasts
Hanoi has been ranked 9th among the list of the locations worldwide.
11:16, 2020/10/31
Vietnam starts projecting itself as safe destination post-Covid
New "Why not Vietnam?" ad invites tourists back after Covid-19.
15:09, 2020/10/30
Covid-19 deals heavy blow to Vietnam's inbound tourism in Jan-Oct
The number of international arrivals to Vietnam in October was higher than the previous month.
09:38, 2020/10/29
Hanoi's domestic tourism rebounds in October
The Hanoi Department of Tourism will coordinate with destinations to create new tourist products.
10:40, 2020/10/16
Vietnam tourism revenue halves in Jan-Sept on Covid-19
As Vietnam has yet to resume inbound tourism, many local enterprises have struggled to survive.
14:19, 2020/10/14
Vietnam launches Safe Vietnam Travel app amid Covid-19
It is expected that the app would reach more than 43 million downloads.
22:18, 2020/10/13
Getting to know South Korea in Hanoi
Vietnam has always been a key source market for South Korean tourism.
23:46, 2020/10/08
Vietnam ranks 9th out of top 20 travel destinations: US magazine
Condé Nast Traveler readers rank their favorite countries to visit around the world.
16:14, 2020/09/30
Vietnam considers receiving foreign tourists back
In the mean time, domestic tourists are saviors of the local tourism industry.
08:33, 2020/09/26
Vietnam ranks fourth on Agoda 2020 travel wishlist
Vietnam ranked second among the searched destinations for group travelers.
10:49, 2020/09/23
Vietnam localities need 'specialties' to lure tourists
The tourism authorities have prepared to launch another stimulus program, with priority given to ensuring the safety of tourists.
08:26, 2020/09/15
Vietnam among most searched places for visiting once travel ban lifted
Travelers start to make a list of destinations they want to escape to when Covid-19 is under control.
08:35, 2020/09/09
Where to see ripening rice fields in North Vietnam
The time between August and October is the best to experience golden rice fields in the North.
15:12, 2020/07/24
Domestic air travel surges in Vietnam
Between July 13 and 20, around one million people travel by air, up 27% against the same period last year.
23:00, 2020/07/19
Vietnamese enterprises build unique regional products to attract tourists
From now to the end of the year, the number of domestic travelers is expected to reach about 70-80% of that in the same period last year.
12:39, 2020/07/13
Vietnamese people to travel confidently domestically: Google
Hanoi is among the top picks of Vietnamese travelers.
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