To prevent Covid-19, Hanoians wear face masks everywhere
Nhat Minh 17:51, 2020/07/30
Wearing a face mask is a simple and effective measure to help prevent Covid-19 infection in the community.

The Hanoi People’s Committee has asked local residents to wear face masks in public places after two people in the city tested positive for the novel coronavirus.

Wear of face masks is a simple and effective measure to help prevent Covid-19 infection in the community. Many Hanoains have seriously complied with the regulation.

 Even when Covid-19 was under control, many Hanoians kept wearing face masks outdoor.

 In particular, at crowded places such as bus stops, people are aware of wearing face masks.

 Sellers and buyers with face masks on at a wet market.
 An owner of a sidewalk tea shop also wears face mask.
 Face mask wearing is mandatory for adults or children alike when going outside. 

Even when doing exercise at the park.

 Local people are more conscious about about wearing masks after Hanoi recorded two new cases of Covid-19 and many people are worried about the unpredictable disease evolution.

 Le Van De, Dong Da street, Hanoi told Kinh te & Do thi that although wearing a face mask is somewhat inconvenient, he always wears it when going out to protect himself and everyone around.

 According to the Hanoi People’s Committee’s direction, local people are required to apply measures to prevent and control Covid-19 such as wearing face masks and washing hands regularly with sanitizer in public places. 

Photos: Le Giang (Kinh te & Do thi)

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