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The vibe of Autumn in G39 group’s paintings
Jenna Duong 21:54, 2021/09/21
An online exhibition, themed Mid-Autumn Festival, showcases various colorful paintings that promise to bring joy for children and adults amid pandemics.

Gallery 39 has opened an online exhibition themed Mid-Autumn Festival, showcasing the latest creations of the G39 group of artists so that the people could enjoy art and painting in the Mid-Autumn Festival in 2021.

The old painting entitled "Dream" by Vuong Linh is on display at the exhibition. Photo: 39 Concept

The exhibition will last until September 30, 2021, on the Facebook page of Gallery 39 at https://www.facebook.com/39conceptTM. It displays more than 30 paintings by 17 artists who are members of the G39 group, such as painters Le Thiet Cuong, Nguyen Quang Thieu, Nguyen Minh Hieu, Tao Linh, Nguyen Quoc Thang, Ngo Thi Binh Nhi, Nguyen Hong Phuong, Vo Luong Nhi, Vuong Linh, Nguyen Minh, Pham Tran Quan, and Tran Giang Nam.

In particular, it also includes the works of five little artists, including Nguyen Han Dy (10 years old), Nguyen Quoc Hung (13 years old), Nguyen Vuong Bao Han (4 years old), Nguyen Vuong Bao Tran (7 years old). and Le Tram Anh (13 years old).

All the paintings depict Mid-Autumn Festival on diverse materials including acrylic, do paper, oil paint, among others.

For several years, before the Mid-Autumn Festival, artists from the G39 group always organize an art event on the occasion. But this year, they are unable to gather and have to stay home, due to the pandemic. So an online exhibition is an option for the festival.

Artwork by painter Tao Linh. Photo: 39 Concept

A member of the group, poet Nguyen Quang Thieu, Chairman of the Vietnam Writers’ Association, said that everything now is online in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic, like the school opening ceremony for children. Now children can only celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival at home.  

“I have been a member of this group for many years. So I paid a “fee” for this year's activities with a watercolor painting of the Mid-Autumn Festival”, poet Nguyen Quang Thieu said.

Meanwhile, well-known painter Le Thiet Cuong said that the Mid-Autumn Festival is an opportunity for children and people to celebrate together and enjoy the fruits together. For the artists, it is also to share new paintings and the beauty of fine arts with friends, colleagues, and those who love painting.

“Mid-Autumn Festival is an opportunity for gathering together. New paintings of the Mid-Autumn Festival help us gather together even if it's only on the internet. It’s something beautiful in the fight against the pandemic at the moment”, painter Le Thiet Cuong said.

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The vibe of Autumn in G39 group’s paintings
An online exhibition, themed Mid-Autumn Festival, showcases various colorful paintings that promise to bring joy for children and adults amid pandemics.