31st Sea Games - Vietnam 2021 Covid-19 Pandemic
Vietnam's lawmakers propose holding national mourning for Covid-19 victims
Covid-19 claimed more than 22,500 lives in Vietnam in the latest outbreak that flared up in late April.
16:53, 2021/53/08
Vietnam speeds up vaccination in Mekong Delta, Central Highlands
The Mekong Delta with 17% of Vietnam’s population has made up one-third of the country’s total caseload.
21:46, 2021/46/25
Vietnam donates Laos US$2 million for pandemic fight
Laos is one of the largest recipients of Vietnam’s Covid relief since the pandemic flared up in early 2020.
13:43, 2021/43/18
Enhancing economic competitiveness to help Vietnamese businesses regain confidence: Experts
More cities/provinces are now focusing on the quality and effectiveness of policy implementation, instead of issuing new ones.
22:02, 2021/02/15
Vietnam receives 4 million vaccine doses donated by Italy, Poland, South Korea
Three donors have special relationships with Vietnam as they are either long-lasting friends or strategic investors.
17:55, 2021/55/13
Vietnam receives 2 million US-donated vaccine doses in one week
The support has ranked Vietnam one of the largest recipients of US vaccine donation in Asia.
18:51, 2021/51/09
Hanoi to resume domestic flights from Oct 10
Nearly 20 air routes will be reopened, with the majority connecting Ho Chi Minh City and localities.
18:23, 2021/23/07
Nearly 115,000 new securities accounts opened in September
Vietnam stock market recorded a seventh consecutive month with the number of new securities accounts exceeding the 100,000-mark.
21:00, 2021/00/06
Vietnam takes cautious strides to reopen tourism
Safety is a prerequisite to restarting the tourism industry in the new normal.
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