Covid-19 resurgence hits Vietnam transportation sector
Instead of returning home or traveling during the Tet holiday, people would choose to stay put due to concern of the pandemic.
15:52, 2021/52/18
Vietnam Airlines, Humane Society International join hands to save rhinoceros
Short film “When I grow up” is expected to raise awareness about curbing demand for rhino horns in Vietnam.
15:00, 2021/00/12
Vietnam prosecutes violator of Covid-19 prevention rules
Maximum penalty for the crime is 12 years in jail.
16:03, 2020/03/29
Losses of national flag carrier Vietnam Airlines are less than expected
In 2020, Vietnam Airlines operated 96,500 flights, down 48% year-on-year amid the Covid-19 crisis.
07:59, 2020/59/20
Covid-19 takes a heavy toll on Vietnam aviation industry
The aviation industry has experienced a sharp decrease in passenger volume this year.
21:05, 2020/05/13
Vietnamese airlines all are in need of timely support, says expert
It would be unfair for others if only Vietnam Airlines can receive the state support, while others still struggling for survival.
08:52, 2020/52/02
Vietnam aviation industry needs more 3 years to recover
Local aviation companies are continuing to face a challenging time ahead.
11:56, 2020/56/18
Vietnam parliament OKs to bail out carrier Vietnam Airlines
The State Bank of Vietnam would provide refinancing loans for Vietnam Airlines to maintain current operation.
15:01, 2020/01/20
PM approves issuance of aviation license to Vietravel Airlines
Given the prime ministerial decision, Vietnam would have a sixth operational airline.
11:08, 2020/08/08
Vietnam transport ministry to issue licenses for airlines operating international flights
Vietnam’s aviation authority would give permission for airlines to resume flight routes to six major markets namely South Korea, China, Japan, Taiwan, Laos and Cambodia.
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