Vietnam customs and USABC cooperate for trade facilitation
Both sides expected to cooperate in the distribution of potential Covid-19 vaccines in the coming time.
17:48, 2020/48/27
Rebooting the economy: The global race to develop and deliver a Covid-19 vaccine
Developing a vaccine for Covid-19 within one year is a herculean task. Getting the vaccine to the hundreds of millions if not billions of people who need it—especially in poorer countries—may be even harder.
02:33, 2020/33/27
Vietnam included in Australia’s US$58 million support for Covid-19 vaccine access
Access to vaccines will play a critical role in the economic recovery of the region from this pandemic.
14:36, 2020/36/12
India: A responsible global member in Covid-19
International experts said that India has set aside differences for a very good cause.
09:28, 2020/28/31
World Bank provides US$6.2-million grant to help Vietnam cope with Covid-19
The grant will also support the research and development of new vaccine and quick diagnostic tests in Vietnam.
11:24, 2020/24/30
Asia is cautiously getting back to business
Governments and the private sector are working together in Asia and the Pacific to chart a path toward re-opening businesses during the midst of the pandemic.
18:02, 2020/02/20
Vietnam to test the second batch of Covid-19 vaccine on mice
VABIOTECH will conduct a test shot of Covid-19 vaccine on mice in early June.
23:32, 2020/32/05
May 5: Vietnam reports 11 more convalescents, 86% of total patients recover
So far, the number of convalescents accounts for 86% of the total infections.
21:00, 2020/00/01
Vietnam starts research for Covid-19 vaccine
The country’s Covid-19 vaccine production would be based on previous achievements such as virus isolation and production of biomedical products for testing.
08:17, 2020/17/26
Asia should lead the way in producing a novel coronavirus vaccine
The Asia-Pacific region has the expertise and resources to take a leadership role in not only developing a Covid-19 vaccine but distributing it to those who need it most.
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