USAID launches $36million project on improving competitiveness of Vietnam’s private firms
The project will contribute to improving the business enabling environment in Vietnam.
18:20, 2021/20/21
USAID, partners launch US$2.9 million project to protect Mekong Delta's habitat
The project was announced during U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris’s visit to Vietnam in August and launched today.
18:07, 2021/07/27
US-supported project strengthens Vietnam’s efforts to protect wildlife
The project enables Vietnam to boost law enforcement and reduce illegal consumption of wild animal products.
20:11, 2021/11/26
US announces US$100 million in new support to Vietnam
The new funding covers a wide range of fields, mostly in five-year projects.
15:07, 2021/07/04
US to grant Vietnam US$4.5 million for Covid-19 fight
Vietnam is one of the 10 largest recipients of US donated vaccines.
18:26, 2021/26/30
USAID partners with Danang to accelerate renewable energy
USAID commits an additional $36 million over the next five years.
17:40, 2021/40/28
USAID supports Vietnam US$74million to address climate change
The activity builds upon over a decade of USAID’s partnership with the Vietnamese government to protect forests and biodiversity.
17:20, 2021/20/28
US contributes to private sector-led energy transition in Vietnam
USAID-supported project in 2015-2021 helps mobilize private investments for renewable energy and improve compliance with industrial energy efficiency.
16:59, 2021/59/23
USAID-supported forest service project generates US$120M for Vietnam annually
The eight-year project increases transparency, efficiency and effectiveness in payment for forest environmental services.
16:24, 2021/24/15
Hanoi named in Vietnam’s top 10 business-friendly localities
Given its status as Vietnam’s major economic hub, improvements in administrative reform in Hanoi would have significant impact on the overall economy, said an expert.
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