Vietnam needs to ensure uninterrupted care for elderly in pandemic: UNFPA
Older persons aged 65 and above account for 7.7% of Vietnam's total population.
08:44, 2021/44/09
Covid-19 likely causes more maternal mortality in Vietnam: UNFPA
The impact might ruin Vietnam’s achievement gained over the last several years.
14:37, 2020/37/21
Vietnam warned of imbalanced sex ratios at birth
The imbalance hit the peak in 2010 and is popular among well-off groups.
05:52, 2020/52/09
UNFPA extends support to vulnerable women in Vietnam
The assistance is aimed to protect women and girls at risk of gender-based violence in crisis.
17:00, 2020/00/28
Domestic violence, gender-biased sex selection: Roots of gender inequality in Vietnam
Vietnam posts increasingly unbalanced sex ratio at birth at 111.5 male births for every 100 female newborns compared to the world’s normal rate of 105.
10:42, 2020/42/21
Aging in Vietnam: The elderly to account for 20.4% by 2050
It takes Vietnam only 20 years to transform from 7% to 14% of the population aged 65 and over.
15:34, 2020/34/15
Two thirds of Vietnamese married women suffer domestic violence: Study
Violence against women in Vietnam remains very much hidden and more actions must be taken to change the situation.