Partnership promotes energy efficiency in commercial buildings in Vietnam
The project is designed to address barriers to improved energy efficiency performance and gradually realize the untapped potential of energy savings from buildings.
05:56, 2021/56/07
Vietnam's circular economy: right path and promising
Vietnam’s specified action plan and international support would push up its transition towards a low-carbon journey.
16:37, 2021/37/27
Solutions for Vietnam to claim spot among world’s top economic prospects
The speed of economic recovery would largely depend on the scale of the vaccination program, although testing remains a key solution to prevent the spread of the pandemic.
17:59, 2021/59/02
Vietnam attends Responsible Business and Human Rights Forum
The annual regional forum has urged a renewed commitment from business and governments to accelerate progress towards the achievement of the global development goals.
22:18, 2021/18/29
Vietnam youth submits climate action for COP26
Vietnamese young representatives address bottlenecks that are incorporated into a roadmap for COP26.
18:07, 2021/07/26
Vietnam’s pandemic response – example of “Triple A” Governance: UNDP
Vietnam shows what is possible when a government and an entire nation place health and protecting people at the very center of its Covid-19 response.
19:34, 2021/34/23
Vietnam’s general election through perspectives of foreign scholars
The scholars have said that the manner in which election is held in Vietnam, especially the discipline practiced during the process, is praiseworthy.
08:54, 2021/54/20
Female delegates make significant contribution for growth: Findings
All public decision-making—from socio-political issues to labor relations and economic activity—must apply a gender lens to ensure that the specific needs and expectations of women and men.
20:29, 2021/29/01
UNDP helps 26,000 flood-hit people overcome hardship
The support is a years-long project helping improve climate resilience in Vietnam’s coastal communities.
09:54, 2021/54/25
Vietnamese enterprises to advance responsible business practice
The level of awareness of Vietnamese small enterprises on responsible business practice is lower than that of large ones, according to a latest survey.
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