Vietnam, Indonesia destined for Suga's first overseas trip as Japan's PM
Suga continues the predecessor's foreign policy which is based on the concept of a free and open Indo-Pacific.
15:23, 2020/23/17
Rebooting the economy: restoring travel and tourism in the Covid-19 era
A harmonized set of industry-wide health and safety protocols are necessary for travel and tourism to recover.
13:59, 2020/59/19
Vietnam is safe, hospitable country for travelers: Australia’s 7News
Australia’s 7News last weekend run a five-minute report on Vietnam’s effort in combating coronavirus.
21:19, 2020/19/16
Vietnam tourism industry cautiously reopens to foreign visitors
The country sticks to the goals of developing the economy, preventing the disease and restoring socio-economic activities in the new normalcy.
12:32, 2020/32/14
Hanoi remains a safe tourist destination amidst Covid-19 epidemic
Most of foreign visitors to Hanoi have affirmed that they feel safe when travelling around the bustling capital city of Vietnam despite the outburst of the novel coronavirus or Covid-19 these days.
17:11, 2019/11/10
Why foreign tourists hesitate to spend big in Vietnam?
The revenue generated from inbound tourism has not been commensurate to the tourism potential.
16:25, 2019/25/29
Hanoi ranks second in top 10 honeymoon cities in Asia
The magazine described the city as a “great place to get away for a romantic trip, experience Vietnamese culture, learn about their history, and have some delicious food.”
08:53, 2019/53/06
Hanoi to host serial activities to honor Vietnamese ethnic groups’ cultural quintessence
The event introduces several folk dances, folk singing, cuisines, and local products, which show the Vietnamese ethnic groups’ cultures and customs.