Hard hit by Covid-19, Vietnam tourism companies go online
Many Vietnamese tour operators have switched to online operation in order to cope with the coronavirus outbreak.
16:48, 2020/48/12
Hanoi’s 2020 economic growth projected to slow to 6.42% in worst scenario
Hanoi, however, remains firm on reaching the GRDP growth target of at least 7.5% in 2020.
10:52, 2020/52/10
Hanoi craft villages urged to apply new technologies to promote products
The application of new technologies is expected to promote the products of more than 300 craft villages as well as receive feedback effectively.
15:18, 2020/18/04
Vietnam tourism industry prepares post-epidemic plans
Vietnam’s tourism industry will diversify products and find new markets after the coronavirus disease (Covid-19) outbreaks roll back.
10:30, 2020/30/04
Covid-19 may weigh on Vietnam banks’ performance: Fitch Ratings
Fitch Rating keeps the positive rating outlook for Vietnamese banks.
20:09, 2020/09/29
Covid-19 inflicts damage on Hanoi tourism
Chinese arrivals to Hanoi in February declined 93.5% year-on-year while those from South Korea fell 51.4%.
15:35, 2020/35/26
Covid-19 not all bad for Vietnam: Savills executives
In the long run, with Vietnam successfully controlling diseases, the tourism industry will greatly benefit as the country will be seen as a friendly and safe destination.
22:04, 2020/04/25
Hanoi adopts safety measures to attract tourists amid Covid-19 epidemic
Tourist sites in Hanoi have been enhancing sanitation and providing free masks and hand sanitizer at entrances for visitors amid the Covid-19 epidemic.
13:58, 2020/58/18
F1 Hanoi race provides much needed boost for local economy when Covid-19 over
The Easter holidays fall at the time of the event, making it a perfect opportunity for foreign tourists coming to experience the first ever F1 race in Hanoi and the beauty of Vietnam.
12:32, 2020/32/14
Hanoi remains a safe tourist destination amidst Covid-19 epidemic
Most of foreign visitors to Hanoi have affirmed that they feel safe when travelling around the bustling capital city of Vietnam despite the outburst of the novel coronavirus or Covid-19 these days.
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