Vietnam's credit growth expands by 7.42% despite Covid-19 impacts
The central bank would continue to keep the policy rates unchanged until the end of the year.
12:35, 2021/35/29
Vietnam's aviation industry seeks emergency loans to survive Covid-19 pandemic
The aviation sector remains an important part of the economy and would rebound strongly once the pandemic is contained.
21:06, 2021/06/23
Banks foregone over $1 billion in profit to support businesses during Covid-19 outbreaks
A group of 16 commercial banks, accounting for 75% of total outstanding loans, has committed to foregoing around VND20.6 trillion ($906.3 million) in waiving and lowering interest rates for customers in the remainder of the year.
17:59, 2021/59/20
Banks set to expand debt rescheduling for customers for 6 months
With such a move, customers would now have another six months to recover their business operations.
11:41, 2021/41/11
Policy rate cut not in sight at present:
The timing and adjustment of policy rates must be decided based on the actual situation.
14:59, 2021/59/30
Vietnam expects no trade barrier in export to US: Trade Ministry
Vietnam would stay active in cooperating with the US to address the latter’s concern in a comprehensive way to ensure a balanced trade relationship.
16:22, 2021/22/29
Central Bank warns of risks in real estate lending
Credit demand has been on the rise in the first half of the year and is set to maintain its growth momentum for the second six months.
10:55, 2021/55/20
US Treasury, Vietnam committed to keeping strong partnership
Both sides are committed to maintaining close cooperation and look forward to addressing other shared challenges, such as supporting a strong and inclusive recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic.
15:12, 2021/12/12
Vietnam calls for lower interest rates in July
As the pandemic continues to persist, stronger measures are needed to restructure debts and lower interest rates for customers.
05:47, 2021/47/28
Digitalization – viable option for banks’ sustainable growth
By 2025, at least 50% of banking procedures and 70% of customers’ transactions are expected to take place in the cyber environment.
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