Vietnam NA set GDP growth target of 6-6.5% for 2022
The target shows the Government’s high determination and also remains in harmonization with other targets defined for 2022.
18:27, 2021/27/12
Vietnam economy on track for recovery: World Bank
Positive dynamics observed in October suggest continued pickup and strengthening of growth in the coming months.
14:33, 2021/33/06
Hanoi promotes rapid and sustainable business development
The main objective of Hanoi’s economic recovery plan is to timely address the bottlenecks that are restricting business operation for the soon resumption of economic activities.
17:03, 2021/03/01
Hanoi's economy improves as safe adaptation plan gathers pace
Higher disbursement of public funds, pushing for administrative reforms, and effective budget management are priorities for Hanoi to accelerate economic recovery in the remainder of the year.
17:04, 2021/04/01
Vietnam's manufacturing output grows again as pandemic subsides
A loosening of Covid-19 restrictions led to the restart of production of a number of firms in October. As a result, production growth was recorded for the first time in five months.
22:14, 2021/14/30
PM identifies priorities for economic recovery at World Economic Forum
Vietnam will continue its impressive growth in the coming decades and is firmly on track to become one of the top economies in the region, said CEO and Founder of the World Economic Forum Klaus Schwab.
20:30, 2021/30/28
Russia considers ASEAN credible strategic partner: Putin
Russia supports ASEAN’s central role in promoting dialogue, cooperation, and trust-building in the region.
18:11, 2021/11/28
Hanoi seeks international cooperation for breakthroughs in development: Mayor
Hanoi remains a safe, attractive, and stable investment destination for foreign businesses.
22:10, 2021/10/21
Hanoi stands firm on safe and flexible adaptation to Covid-19 for economic recovery
Hanoi’s deputies to the National Assembly have called for a national vaccination strategy in 2022, with a focus on vaccine administration to children.
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