Delay of Hanoi urban railway project affects China’s image: Amb.
The Chinese government is closely monitoring the construction progress of Cat Linh – Ha Dong project, said Chinese Ambassador to Vietnam Xiong Bo.
11:52, 2020/52/23
Hanoi's investment promotion event proves Vietnam as safe, secure destination
The conference would also lay a strong foundation for Hanoi to continue growing robustly in the coming years, said Hanoi's top leader.
10:57, 2020/57/27
Hanoi stands ready for new capital inflows from Japan: Party official
Hanoi is an essential part in Vietnam – Japan relations, partly due to a growing number of Japanese nationals and enterprises in the city, said the Japanese ambassador to Vietnam.
10:30, 2020/30/16
Hanoi targets US$1.92 billion of capital expenditure in 2020
As of April 30, the disbursed amount of public investment was equivalent to 13.8% of the target, which remained slower than expected, said a Hanoi official.
13:27, 2020/27/06
Hanoi Party chief urges more urgency for speedy economic recovery
This difficult period is an opportunity for the city to streamline the organization and lay off irresponsible staff, said Secretary of the Hanoi Party Committee Vuong Dinh Hue.
17:22, 2020/22/15
Hanoi proposes extending social distancing period to end-April
Hanoi's leaders have vowed to maintain strict measures due to concern about community transmission.
13:56, 2020/56/11
Social distancing should be regarded as wartime order: Hanoi Party chief
Hanoi's leaders have repeatedly emphasized the importance of social distancing in the fight against the pandemic.
11:38, 2020/38/10
Hanoi plans to attract investment in IT and telecoms infrastructure development
The development of IT industry would lay a foundation for other sectors to grow as telecommunications and postal sectors help ensure efficient state management in all spheres.
11:36, 2020/36/09
Hanoi Party chief considers public investment second priority after Covid-19 fight
Accelerating public investment is one of Hanoi’s key economic solutions this year which would help the city to achieve its objectives, said Hanoi Party chief Vuong Dinh Hue.
17:54, 2020/54/08
Hanoi Party chief lauds apparel maker's adaptability in mitigating Covid-19
A shift to face mask production helps Garment 10 Corporation cope with the current crisis.
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