Banking sector to maintain role as veins for economic growth: Party chief
Monetary policy should be maneuvered in a flexible and active manner to ensure sustainable growth and stability of both monetary and foreign-exchange markets, said the Party chief Nguyen Phu Trong.
16:23, 2021/23/22
Vietnam credit growth expands by 3.34% by mid-April
The central bank would continue to monitor the economic performance to adjust monetary policy accordingly, with the aim of keeping the inflation rate around 4% for this year.
16:43, 2021/43/22
Effective institutional reforms to help Vietnam GDP growth of 6.76%
Easing monetary and fiscal policies in combination with institutional reforms are the way for Vietnam to ensure sustainable and rapid economic growth amid global uncertainties.
16:37, 2021/37/21
Vietnam warned easing monetary policy to cause asset price bubble: Experts
Credit has not been effectively channeled into fields that contribute directly to economic growth and ultimately social prosperity, but to risky fields such as real estate, stock market or cryptocurrencies.
14:43, 2021/43/15
Vietnam rapid suppression of Covid-19 outbreak helps maintain positive economic outlook: WB
Further fiscal and monetary policy interventions may be needed to support recovery of private demand, asserted the World Bank.
08:07, 2020/07/22
Vietnam GDP growth set to hit 3.8% in 2020: VEPR
The development of a Covid-19 vaccine is necessary for the Vietnam's economy to return to its pre-Covid-19 status.
18:22, 2020/22/10
Vietnam should adopt neutral monetary policy
Using monetary policy to stimulate demand in the case of Vietnam could cause inflation, said an economist.
11:10, 2020/10/15
Vietnam to address US concern on fear of being labelled as currency manipulator
Vietnam would continue to pursue a flexible monetary policy and affirms it has no intention of seeking unfair trade gains.
11:05, 2020/05/01
Vietnam’s credit growth estimated at 13.7% in 2019
There has been a positive shift in the credit structure that provides strong support to economic growth, with a major part of outstanding loans channeled to priority fields.