Finance ministry proposes solutions to speed up state firm privatization
Some large state-owned enterprises are facing difficulties in business valuation, mainly due to complicated financial situations.
16:54, 2021/54/04
Finance minister aims new height for Vietnam stock market in 2021
The stock market will continue to be an efficient capital mobilization channel for Vietnam’s economy and a useful instrument for macroeconomic management of the government.
12:32, 2020/32/16
Vietnam finance ministry pushes for speedier privatization of SOEs
Only seven state firms have completed their respective privatization process in the first nine months of 2020.
16:17, 2020/17/25
Vietnam finance ministry proposes easing conditions for casino projects
The Vietnamese finance ministry expected an easing in conditions for casino projects would attract more investors in the field.
14:39, 2020/39/22
Finalization of legal framework needed to accelerate SOE privatization: Vietnam DPM
State firms that have completed the privatization process are expected to float shares on local bourses and create space for more foreign investors to invest in the local stock market.
11:39, 2020/39/02
Vietnam gov't sticks to target to tame inflation at 4%
While the inflationary pressure, especially driven by hikes in prices of oil and food, devalues some currencies, Vietnam’s inflation target would remain unchanged.
16:27, 2020/27/12
Vietnam state budget revenue fall 9% in Jan-May on Covid-19
So far, total amount of deferrals of tax payment and land rental fees under the government’s support programs stood at VND37 trillion (US$1.58 billion) as of May.
17:33, 2020/33/04
Vietnam to raise taxable personal income threshold from July
The threshold would now be raised from VND9 million (US$389) per month to VND11 million (US$475).
15:57, 2020/57/03
Vietnam police pledge thorough investigation into bribery allegation of Japanese firm
Anyone who is found to have accepted bribery would be subject to strict punishment in compliance with law, said a senior government official.
18:45, 2020/45/02
Vietnam seeks Japan’s US$500-million loan to address Covid-19 impacts
Japan has been a major donor of official development assistance (ODA) to Vietnam, estimated at US$24 billion, or 26.4% of total borrowings of the Vietnamese government.
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