How Vietnam could stamp out second wave of coronavirus
There has been little sense of being forced to do anything as most of people in Vietnam take care of themselves and others.
14:32, 2020/32/13
PM asks for balance in pursuing dual target amid Covid-19 crisis
Each locality has to assess its own risk and decide on suitable preventive measures, avoiding major impacts on people’s lives and economic activities.
07:46, 2020/46/12
Acceleration of investment program helps Vietnam mitigate Covid-19 impacts
Vietnam's domestic economic rebound continued, albeit not yet at the pace of the pre-crisis level, stated the World Bank.
10:58, 2020/58/11
Hanoi to complete Covid-19 test for 75,000 returnees from Danang by August 20
In case there are Covid-19 infections in the community, local authorities are tasked to set up the lockdown zone with the scale depending on the number of cases, said Hanoi’s mayor Nguyen Duc Chung.
12:55, 2020/55/05
Vietnam to avoid nationwide social distancing: Deputy PM
There have been no local coronavirus infections in other localities beyond Danang, suggesting there is little evidence that the pandemic is spreading rapidly in the community.
18:34, 2020/34/04
Vietnam stays mindful of economic impacts in Covid-19 fight
The lockdown scale to contain Covid-19 outbreak should depend on the size of the Covid-19 cluster, said a senior government official.
08:57, 2020/57/30
Take tough measures against Covid-19: Vietnam PM
Heads of cities and provinces are allowed to decide whether tough measures applied depending on the situation.
15:10, 2020/10/18
Europe’s lockdown easing plans help boost Vietnam integration in global supply chain
Since March, Vietnamese manufacturers have managed to fill the supply shortages left behind by China, resulting in a positive trade surplus of US$2.78 billion in January – April.
15:23, 2020/23/06
Hanoi removes lockdown on 11,000 people village
Before lifting the lockdown, all people in Ha Loi commune were tested for Covid-19. No one is positive with the virus and all residents in the commune now are in stable health conditions.
08:08, 2020/08/23
April 22: Vietnam passes six days without new coronavirus cases
On the day, a town of 7,600 people in North Vietnam was placed under lockdown.
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