Many countries support ASEAN special envoy to Myanmar
They said a peaceful and non-violent resolution of the crisis and return to democracy is a matter of urgency.
17:02, 2021/02/09
China, ASEAN pledge stronger water governance for Mekong
Vietnam wants to increase sharing of hydrological data, consultation, and development of water resources policy.
11:51, 2021/51/14
Vietnam President vows to support ASEAN Community Vision 2025
The ASEAN Community Vision 2025 covers politics and security, economics, and socio-culture.
18:09, 2021/09/08
ASEAN and partners’ defense officials prepare for joint statement
ADMM-Plus requires avoiding the deepening of mistrust, miscalculation, and patterns of behavior based on a zero-sum game.
12:04, 2020/04/20
ASEAN defense forces join hands to combat Covid-19
Conducting drills is one of measures that the regional defense forces have planned to cope with the epidemic.
11:13, 2020/13/17
Vietnam issues statement on ASEAN joint response to Covid-19
The bloc will prioritize its response to the Covid-19 epidemic which hits six out of the 10 ASEAN members.