31st Sea Games - Vietnam 2021 Covid-19 Pandemic
IAEA assists Vietnam in combating infectious diseases
The agency is expected to support Vietnam in technology transfer, training and capacity building in the application of nuclear technology in healthcare and Covid-19 prevention and control.
17:46, 2021/46/13
Mekong Capital invests in fast-growing healthcare firm
Healthcare is among the most attractive industries for investors.
20:27, 2021/27/05
Vietnam Digital Transformation Day to take place in late May in Hanoi
Digital transformation progress in eight priority fields under the national digital transformation initiative would be discussed at the event.
16:27, 2020/27/29
Techfest’s Medtech Village creates connection platforms for smart healthcare transformation
Leading medtech experts discussed digital transformation solutions in the healthcare sector at a workshop of Techfest 2020.
16:59, 2020/59/19
Vietnam calls for US investments in energy, industry and infrastructure
Given Vietnam’s rapid economic growth in the past few years, opportunities for US companies spread in all fields, from healthcare, aviation, to agriculture or education.
10:11, 2020/11/02
Vietnam to adopt greater integration of technology in healthcare
In light of the current challenges faced by public hospitals in Vietnam and the Covid-19 pandemic, the digital healthcare sector holds promise, stated Fitch Solutions.
08:45, 2020/45/10
New PPP law to drive Vietnam’s infrastructure development
Prior to the passage of the PPP law, Vietnamese authorities had been struggling to attract private capital to the country’s burgeoning infrastructure sector.
16:46, 2020/46/01
European pharma group suggests Vietnam lead R&D hub in region
EuroCham’s Whitebook makes recommendations for Vietnam to attract more foreign direct investment.
08:02, 2020/02/29
Which e-commerce businesses in Vietnam miss opportunities amid Covid-19 pandemic?
The Vietnamese e-commerce industry has experienced a lot of sudden changes due to the influence of Covid-19, according to a latest report by iPrice Group.
09:12, 2020/12/28
EVFTA spices up German healthcare companies’ appetite for Vietnam
Despite huge interest, German healthcare companies face challenges to access the Vietnamese market.
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