Bright export outlook for Vietnam in 2021
In 2021, the trade ministry eyes an increase of 4-5% in trade turnover from an estimated US$543.9 billion last year.
09:03, 2021/03/29
Vietnam aims to play active role in global supply chain
While the Covid-19 pandemic further exposes Vietnam’s shortcomings from its highly dependence on both the global supply and demand sides, it is also a golden opportunity for the country to narrow development gap with regional peers.
16:28, 2020/28/12
South Korea, Vietnam launch VITASK to boost support industry
The Vietnam Technology Advice and Solutions from Korea Center (VITASK) is expected to help Vietnamese automotive and electrical-electronic enterprises improve their capacity and deeply participate in the global supply chain.
20:08, 2020/08/03
Vietnam further improves business environment
Vietnam’s stable political environment, rapid economic growth, competitive production cost and a large workforce are key factor ensuring the country’s status as an attractive investment destination.
11:53, 2020/53/16
Signing of mega trade deal RCEP to ensure ASEAN prosperity: PM
The RCEP along with other free trade agreements that Vietnam is a part of would continue to help the country become an attractive investment destination globally.
23:53, 2020/53/06
No place for inefficient enterprises in EVFTA: PM
The EVFTA is the EU’s “vote of confidence” of Vietnam's ongoing reform efforts, as well as the country’s strategic significance in the global stage, stated a EuroCham senior executive.
13:16, 2020/16/17
Vietnam to simplify visa procedures for foreign investors and experts: PM
Vietnam will continue to keep borders closed to foreign tourists for now, stated Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc.
22:04, 2020/04/15
Samsung provides training for 200 molding technicians in Vietnam
Vietnam’s molding and precision engineering industries generate revenue of over US$1 billion per year with annual growth of 18%.
11:27, 2020/27/24
Techtronic Industries plans to erect largest R&D center in Vietnam
TTI wants to attract 180 – 200 local firms to join its supply chains to generate a combined revenue of US$2.5 billion per year.
21:03, 2020/03/15
Supporting policies for domestic firms equally important as FDI attraction incentives
In contrast to a wide range of investment incentives for multinationals, investment procedures for local enterprises, especially small and medium ones, remain complicated.
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