IMF maintains Vietnam GDP growth forecast at 6.5% in 2021
Vietnam would be the second fastest growing economy in ASEAN.
11:53, 2021/53/01
Vietnam to borrow US$2 billion for Mekong Delta development
Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc made the statement in his last monthly meeting before a new government is formed.
17:30, 2021/30/02
Vietnam to realize 6.5% growth target: PM
It is vital for Vietnam to further boost the development of private sector and public investment funds, in turn contributing to economic growth and creating the foundation for long-term development.
11:04, 2021/04/10
Vietnam GDP growth forecast to expand at 5.8% in 2021: VEPR
The top priority at this time is ensuring social security, keeping the macroeconomic environment stable, and supporting businesses that are still in operation.
16:38, 2021/38/05
Hanoi starts conducting national 2021 economic census
The data collection period is set to take place from March 1 to July 30, 2021 on various economic component groups.
11:44, 2021/44/03
Covid-19 resurgence derails Vietnam economic growth plan
Rising political, trade tensions and high public debts across economies in the world require Vietnam to have drastic measures to ensure the economic growth plan to stay on track.
21:40, 2021/40/19
Vietnam GDP growth may hit up to 6.9% in 2021: VIE
Vietnam is having a golden chance to make a breakthrough in economic development by taking advantage of science, technologies and innovation.
08:11, 2021/11/19
Vietnam economy to enjoy a rosy 2021: HSBC
Thanks to its successful Covid-19 containment, Vietnam saw one of the highest GDP growth rates in the world in 2020.
20:26, 2021/26/13
Vietnam’s legal reform efforts contribute to positive GDP growth: VCCI
Higher quality in newly promulgated legal documents and laws in terms of practicality and feasibility are reasons for a significant less number of circulars issued at ministerial-level agencies in 2020.
10:17, 2021/17/12
Vietnam aims for average annual growth of 7% in 2021-30
Administrative reform and higher quality of legal framework will be key for Vietnam to enhance efficiency in economic development and integration.
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