Sharing difficulties to prevent supply chain disruption: experts
Local authorities are urged to continue speeding up vaccination, which is a key to resume production operations.
19:51, 2021/51/28
Vietnam assists exports of handicrafts via Amazon
Domestic enterprises have the opportunity to bring handicraft products to the global market via the US e-commerce giant.
15:11, 2021/11/28
Hanoi to bolster the value of rice in domestic and overseas markets
The city will create conditions for the private sector to join the establishment of a closed rice chain.
15:20, 2021/20/27
THACO to export semi-trailers to US this November
The Vietnamese company plans to export more semi-trailers to the US market annually.
15:30, 2021/30/26
Vietnamese textile enterprises struggle to fulfill export orders
Testing and vaccination for workers are headaches of enterprises at the moment.
20:23, 2021/23/04
First batch of Vietnamese lychees shipped to the Netherlands by sea
The fruit still retains its original pink color with fragrant flavor after a five-week sea voyage.
19:51, 2021/51/25
Vietnamese Goods Week 2021 underway in AEON network
Many of Hanoi’s specialties meeting AEON’s standards are sold through the Japanese retailer’s distribution channel.
13:24, 2021/24/27
First batches of Bac Giang lychees exported to Japan
A range of drastic steps has been conducted to ensure safe quality, food safety, and hygiene of the lychees amid the Covid-19 pandemic.
21:55, 2021/55/19
US launches anti-dumping investigation on Vietnam honey imports
It is the first time that Vietnamese honey exporters have faced trade remedies measures.
18:08, 2021/08/07
Hai Duong lychee to be sold on e-commerce sites
Hai Duong lychee brand has recently conquered many tough markets such as the US, Australia, EU, Japan, and Singapore.
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