31st Sea Games - Vietnam 2021 Covid-19 Pandemic
Discover Banh Duc - a steamed rice cake of Vietnam
Banh duc is a dish that’s common in all three regions of Vietnam. It originated from the countryside and is inexpensive so literally everyone can afford.
08:42, 2021/42/21
Rice noodle with Fried Tofu and Shrimp Paste – A Culinary Delight
The dipping sauce – mam tom or shrimp paste - is the most special part about this dish. It has a signature pungent scent that might scare away the chicken-hearted diners.
08:32, 2021/32/28
Banh mi – The Iconic Dish of Vietnam
When it comes to Vietnamese cuisine, one of the first images that appear in most people’s mind is banh mi.
15:11, 2021/11/15
Cha Ca – A Dish Carrying the Culinary Essence of Hanoi
Cha Ca has a dear place in the Hanoian’s heart not only because of its phenomenal taste, but also because it represents the historic past of Vietnam.
11:14, 2021/14/04
Bun Cha – the characteristic dish of Hanoi cuisine
There are many varieties of bun cha across Vietnam, but the Hanoi version is still held in high esteem.
22:11, 2021/11/21
Bun Oc – an iconic dish of Hanoi
The stars of this dish are, obviously, snails. And sometimes they can be unsightly to look at. However, once you get over the sight, you’ll know why this dish has gained quite a lot of prominence among the people.
10:09, 2020/09/28
Xoi – the quintessential comfort food
Xôi (sticky rice) has a long-standing history in the Vietnamese cuisine.
08:46, 2020/46/22
Bun Ca – the soul food for chilly days
During the chilly weather of fall, there’s nothing more comforting than a bowl of steamy and hearty fish noodle soup, or Bun Ca in Vietnamese.
00:09, 2020/09/10
Vietnam cultural tourism targets US$8-billion annual revenue by 2030
The draft national plan on cultural tourism will focus on the development of two key areas which are cuisine and heritage.
17:44, 2019/44/20
Heart of Hanoi to turn into Italian square this weekend
This is the second time that an Italian square is set up in Hanoi, under the framework of the Italian Cuisine Week.
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