Vietnam’s latest policy rate cut to have limited impacts on economy
The decrease in short-term deposit rates at commercial banks was mainly driven by the excess liquidity when credit growth was slow at only 5.12% year-on-year as of September 22.
07:44, 2020/44/06
Hanoi continues to be attractive investment destination: Expert
Hanoi is taking a number of financial and trade measures to support the business community catching new opportunities for growth.
11:50, 2020/50/05
Vietnam to set safety standards to co-exist with Covid-19: DPM
After four Covid-19 transmission risks were defined in Vietnam, the map of safe living with the pandemic shown in the webssite was launched on October 1.
23:38, 2020/38/04
Vietnam visitors negative with coronavirus can travel freely within Singapore
Otherwise, visitors have to be treated in Singapore and bear all the medical expenses if they test positive for Covid-19.
22:37, 2020/37/03
PM urges Hanoi to lead economic recovery efforts
For this year, the city targets an economic growth rate in a range of 4.5% - 5% to ensure an expansion 1.3 times the national average.
16:35, 2020/35/03
ASEAN committed to deepening financial cooperation amid Covid-19 pandemic
ASEAN affirmed its priorities in maintaining the movements of goods and services, and cooperation is the key to help the bloc overcome the pandemic.
16:23, 2020/23/03
Vietnam PM urges speedier economic recovery to ensure 2.5–3% GDP growth
Vietnam has been successful in realizing the dual target of both containing the pandemic and boosting economic growth, which has translated into higher economic performance in September.
20:48, 2020/48/02
Vietnam goes 30 straight days without locally-transmitted coronavirus infections
Vietnam is now focusing on preventing all sources of transmission from incoming people.
12:17, 2020/17/02
Hanoi sets up 28 stores for selling goods in upcoming Tet
The number of stores has doubled the amount required by the city’s leaders, while six out of 62 provinces and cities have registered to supply goods and products to these stores.
09:27, 2020/27/02
Covid-19 seen as opportunity for Vietnam to accelerate reforms in health sector
Vietnam's generic drug market will post robust growth rates over the coming years, driven by the government's encouragement of the predominant generic-based local industry.
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