Close supervision required on foreigners' home buying in Vietnam: experts
Foreigners are potential buyers of luxury apartments in Vietnam.
16:08, 2021/08/02
Covid-19 pandemic helps clean up condotel market in Vietnam
Severe economic impacts as a result of the pandemic have put more stress on the local condotel market.
10:27, 2020/27/25
New guideline on condotel: Positive signal for Vietnam’s hospitality market
Failures of several developers and a lack of legal framework on ownership have considerably slowed investment in the condotel segment.
23:10, 2019/10/31
Lack of legal framework on condotels has chilling effect on developers, buyers
It is also unclear as to how the construction of these kind of property was authorized, given the lack of legal framework governing it.
11:04, 2019/04/03
Vietnam to soon regulate condotels: Construction Ministry
A regulatory framework for condotels must be soon made to end the current chaos which causes huge losses to secondary investors.
09:15, 2019/15/27
Cristiano Ronaldo-advertised condotel complex in Vietnam faces financial collapse, domino effect feared
Some experts have said that the collapse of Cocobay may lead to a serial fall of other similar developments.