Vietnam President vows to support ASEAN Community Vision 2025
The ASEAN Community Vision 2025 covers politics and security, economics, and socio-culture.
14:07, 2021/07/13
Shipbuilding: Iconic India-Vietnam defense partnership
Shipbuilding is part of India’s commitments worth US$600 million credit line to Vietnam’s defense capacity building.
16:42, 2021/42/08
Vietnam-US relations definitely go further: Daniel Kritenbrink
The ambassador has great hopes for the US-Vietnam relations that have made great gains during his term.
13:46, 2021/46/01
Vietnam works with India, Russia for Covid-19 vaccine supply
Vietnam is looking for different sources of Covid-19 vaccines amid thin global supply.
12:51, 2021/51/01
What will Vietnam prioritize in UN Security Council’s Presidency month?
The key topics to be discussed at UNSC in April are Vietnam’s own initiatives.
11:11, 2021/11/24
Towards greener and sustainable development: Nordic model for Vietnam
The successful model is believed to base on political determination and a multi-stakeholder approach.
11:52, 2021/52/19
US willing to support Hanoi’s development: Ambassador
Hanoi’s mayor call for further US investment in the city’s priority fields of transportation, healthcare, energy and smart city.
16:04, 2021/04/08
No violation of human rights in Covid-19 fight in Vietnam
International media believed that Vietnam’s approach to combating the virus deserves more recognition.
22:29, 2021/29/04
Vietnam’s ambassador to Argentina begins new term
The two countries enhance trade ties after upgrading the relations to comprehensive partnership in 2010.
08:08, 2021/08/12
Looking ahead to robust ties between Mexico and Vietnam
Celebrating the 45th anniversary allows the two nations to reflect upon the past as it is a great opportunity to look ahead to the future of ties.
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