US arms control special envoy comes to Vietnam for 'advice'
The US envoy said many Vietnamese senior officials have long and distinguished careers in the fields of nonproliferation, arms control, and disarmament.
11:23, 2020/23/08
Japan grants Vietnam US$18.82 million for Covid-19 fight
Since the start of the pandemic, Japan has funded approximately US$19 million not to mention technical support.
23:41, 2020/41/19
Vietnam-India: New partnership in supply chain
Covid-19 has navigated the restructure in the global supply chains and initiated new opportunities for the partnership, and Vietnam and India are no exception.
09:13, 2020/13/10
Covid-19 battle in India: Early response, tough measures work
India alertly implemented surveillance as early as January 17, two weeks before the first cases were officially detected.
11:38, 2020/38/22
570 South Korean businesspeople to arrive Vietnam today
Vietnam said it has relaxed quarantine rules for foreign businessmen.
14:29, 2020/29/14
UAE to launch weather satellite to Mars on July 15
The launch is said to serve humanity in many different ways, especially by sharing data openly without any restrictions with more than 200 institutions across the world.
12:16, 2020/16/24
US supports energy companies operating in South China Sea: Daniel Kritenbrink
US-based ExxonMobil is operating Vietnam's largest energy project off the country's coast in the South China Sea.
17:17, 2020/17/17
Sweden, Vietnam share similarities and challenges in energy sector
The two countries have a long history of cooperation in the energy sector.
18:13, 2020/13/09
Hanoi pledges to support Japanese firms to resume operations post Covid-19
The Japanese government’s efforts to control the pandemic could see a soon resumption of tourism, investment and business activities between Japan and Vietnam.
10:24, 2020/24/03
Hanoi, Bangkok look to take relations to new height
Hanoi plans to attract more investment capital from Thailand as the latter’s FDI to the city remains modest at nearly US$300 million, said Hanoi’s Party chief.
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