Sweden willing to support Vietnam to embrace Industry 4.0: Ambassador
Minh Anh 11:27, 2020/10/28
The ambassador suggested Vietnam develop a sustainable supporting industry, by increasing the competitiveness of the products, and advancing the efficiency of the production and automation processes.

To seize opportunities from the Fourth Industrial Revolution, or Industry 4.0, Vietnam needs to develop a sustainable supporting industry, and in this regard, Sweden is much experienced and willing to assist Vietnam, Swedish Ambassador to Vietnam Ann Måwe has stated.

 Swedish Ambassador to Vietnam Ann Måwe speaks at the workshop. Photo: Swedish Embassy

Addressing a workshop on enhancing competitiveness of the supporting industries in the context of supply chain diversification, hosted by the Swedish Embassy on October 27, the ambassador said: “Vietnam is in a unique position to strengthen its authority as a leading alternative manufacturing choice. However, Vietnam is facing a bigger challenge – increasing the value as part of the global supply chain, rather than increasing merely the trade volume.”

To make this happen, the ambassador suggested Vietnam develop a sustainable supporting industry, by increasing the competitiveness of the products, as well as advancing the efficiency of the production and automation processes. “In order to stay competitive and relevant, Vietnam needs to keep up with the latest trends and technologies in manufacturing.”

 A view of the workshop. Photo: Swedish Embassy

Since Vietnam and Sweden established diplomatic relations in 1969, Swedish equipment and products of familiar names such as Volvo, ABB, Atlas Copco, Electrolux have been present in Vietnam, through early aid programs, and nowadays their direct investments.

Sweden is considered one of the most sustainable and innovative countries in the world, ranking second in the Global Innovation Index. Swedish companies have a long history of providing world-class solutions to manufacturing and industrial applications.

Among them, Ericsson is supporting the government of Vietnam to help accelerate the adoption of Industry 4.0. Meanwhile, ABB has recently provided 1,200 robots for VinFast, an automotive subsidiary of conglomerate Vingroup.

Atlas Copco and Hexagon, with their solutions for the manufacturing sector, are also contributing greatly to the development of several projects in Vietnam. “These companies would welcome to be a part of Vietnam’s green recovery in the Post-Covid-19 era,” added the ambassador.

 Ambassador Ann Måwe talks to participants. Photo: Swedish Embassy

At the workshop, participants, including ABB, Atlas Copco, Ericsson, Hexagon, Swedish’ leading financial guarantee providers, SEK (Swedish Export Credit Corporation) and EKN (Swedish Export Credit Agency), discussed developing a sustainable supporting industry by increasing the competitiveness of the products, as well as advancing the efficiency of the production process.

The workshop also discussed how Swedish enterprises can assist both in terms of technology and financing, so that Vietnam is best equipped to embrace Industry 4.0 and capture the opportunities that EVFTA and supply chain diversification will bring.

 A Hexagon employee displays a robot arm at the workshop. Photo: Swedish Embassy

Within the workshop’s framework, an exhibition is open to the public, focusing on showcasing ABB’s Powertrain and Hexagon’s metrology devices.

The workshop ended with Vietnamese enterprises sharing on their company’s visions and challenges in the age of supply chain diversification, inciting opportunities for collaboration.

For business executives from both nations, the workshop offered an excellent platform to exchange ideas and perspectives and share best practices for mutual benefit. The objective is also to improve collaboration between Swedish and Vietnamese companies and to highlight the positive potential of Swedish products, solutions, ethical values, corporate social responsibility (CSR), and their positive potential for Vietnam.

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