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Nearly 6,300 drivers in Vietnam fined for drunk driving amid stricter regulation
Some 60 car drivers were fined US$1,729 each and 1,270 motorcycles drivers were ticketed with US$346 each, the heaviest penalty for drunk driving.
13:56, 2020/56/15
Air pollution costs Vietnam US$13.6 billion a year
Vietnam loses 4.45 – 5.64% of its GDP annually due to mortality risks posed by air pollution.
11:37, 2020/37/10
Vietnam aims to send 130,000 laborers overseas in 2020
It is expected that in 2020, the MoLISA and a Germany’s labor agency will sign a cooperation agreement to receive skilled Vietnamese workers.
18:06, 2020/06/09
Vietnam to raise salaries for civil servants from July 1
The basis salary is the reference for calculating salaries of state employees by multiplying it with their corresponding coefficient.
17:15, 2020/15/09
Stricter penalties for drunk driving help reduce road accidents
Normally, Thanh Nhan Hospital in Hanoi admits about 100-130 patients per day, but the number of emergency cases fell to 60-70 last week.
14:31, 2020/31/08
Vietnam takes drastic actions to implement Paris agreement: JICA
The Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) has helped amend regulations on greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reduction roadmap to realize a decarbonizing society.
11:10, 2020/10/01
Bicyclists in Vietnam to be fined if caught drunk driving
Bicycle drivers shall be subject to a VND400,000-600,000 (US$17.3-26) fine if found riding after drinking alcohol.
14:55, 2019/55/31
Vietnam's voluntary social insurance coverage expands dramatically
By the end of 2019, there are roughly 551,000 voluntary social insurance holders in the country, an increase of 281,000 people year-on-year.
18:20, 2019/20/28
Vietnam seized 41 tons of wildlife specimens and products in 2013-2017
Vietnam has long vowed to crack down on the illegal wildlife trade, though conservationists say the black market persists due to weak law enforcement.
12:03, 2019/03/27
Rampant cigarette smuggling in Vietnam defyies law
Local authorities attributed the rampant smuggling to legal loopholes in which regulations on destroying smuggled cigarette remain unclear while demand for cigarette is on the rise.
19:01, 2019/01/25
Vietnam seizes two tons of ivory, pangolin scales
Trade in ivory tusks and pangolin scales is illegal in Vietnam but the smuggling remains rampant due to high demand.
16:00, 2019/00/20
Four urgent solutions to improve air quality in Vietnam's big cities: Minister
The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment will also coordinate with major cities to accelerate the roadmap of vehicles emission reduction.
13:50, 2019/50/20
Vietnam's population reaches 96.2 million, ranks 15th globally: Census
After ten years, Vietnam's population has increased by 10.4 million.
12:14, 2019/14/18
Vietnam is close to joining high human development group: UNDP
Currently, Vietnam ranks 118th out of 189 countries, making good progress in human development, with an average HDI growth of 1.36% during the period of 1990 - 2018.
08:56, 2019/56/17
China contributes greatly to Hanoi’s sports: Official
Hanoi athletes have been sent for training and competing in Guangdong, Wuhan and Shanghai in addition to Guangxi.
17:13, 2019/13/10
Vietnam: Ethnic minority children are disproportionately undernourished
The next phase of efforts on undernutrition should be more targeted, concentrating on the provinces with the highest burdens, to create a breakthrough.
15:30, 2019/30/10
Michelle Obama, Julia Roberts promote girls' education in Vietnam
The visitors joined the students in a life-skills training session where the girls practiced perseverance, critical thinking, negotiating, and leadership skills.
15:05, 2019/05/07
Truong Sa calendar app is available on App Store and Google Play
In addition to some basic functions including updating the date and events, the Truong Sa calendar app also features pictures of the sea, island and continental shelf of Vietnam.
14:40, 2019/40/06
Tourist sites in Vietnam will be plastic waste free
Vietnam's Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc has issued a national action plan on ocean plastic waste management by 2030.
07:52, 2019/52/05
Discrimination towards persons with disabilities remains significant in Vietnam: UNDP
There remains unequal treatment towards persons with disabilities and more efforts are required to empower them at work and in the society.
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