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Vietnam sees rising number of Covid-19 suspected people
More than 57,000 people across Vietnam having made close contact with Covid-19 patients or come from the epidemic regions are under health supervision.
08:28, 2020/03/21
ILO to support Vietnam to minimize impacts of Covid-19 pandemic
The International Labor Organization (ILO) in Vietnam has called for urgent, large-scale and coordinated measures in three major issues.
12:23, 2020/03/20
Vietnam launches donation campaign to support Covid-19 prevention
More than VND300 billion (US$12.8 million) has been donated in support of the fight against Covid-19 in Vietnam.
10:27, 2020/03/20
BRG Group, SeABank donates VND5 billion to nation’s “fight Covid” campaign
To further support businesses in the region SeABank has established a VND1 trillion business rescue credit line for companies affected by Covid-19.
17:32, 2020/03/06
Vietnam coronavirus song goes viral worldwide
The song is public service announcement (PSA) aiming to raise people's awareness of sanitation against the virus.
14:22, 2020/03/05
A Japanese passenger on Vietnam Airlines flight tests positive with Covid-19
After landing at Japan’s Nagoya Airport, a Japanese passenger showed symptoms of high fever and was taken to local hospital.
09:39, 2020/03/05
How has Covid-19 impacted Vietnamese living and consumption habits?
While 95% of respondents said that they feel afraid of Covid-19, they do not think that the risk of spreading is high in Vietnam.
14:15, 2020/03/04
Vietnam to universalize cheap smartphones to boost e-government
Vietnam will have a universal smartphone program with a view to achieving smartphone penetration of 100%.
12:12, 2020/02/25
Last Covid-19 patient in Vietnam tests negative for second time
Vietnam's last Covid-19 patient can be discharged from hospital today.
18:20, 2020/02/23
US man charged of child sex tourism in Vietnam
This case was brought as part of Project Safe Childhood, an initiative launched in May 2006 by the US Department of Justice to combat the growing epidemic of child sexual exploitation and abuse.
11:29, 2020/02/18
Nearly 2,300 Vietnamese people isolated at military barracks to prevent Covid-19
All the people in quarantine have their health monitored.
17:33, 2020/02/17
NGOs call for tougher action against illegal wildlife trade amid Covid-19 spread
Stronger enforcement is believed to play a great role in mitigating risk of zoonotic diseases.
12:07, 2020/02/17
Seven Covid-19 patients in Hanoi’s neighboring province now test negative
Patients who have tested negative for nCoV will take further tests, to ensure that they have really recovered before being discharged from hospital.
22:36, 2020/02/16
Vietnam sends back Chinese tourists on three flights
Vietnam will also consider licensing Chinese aircraft to Vietnam to bring Chinese citizens back home upon request.
14:37, 2020/02/14
Vietnam isolates over 5,000 Chinese laborers amid Covid-19 spread
Among the quarantined Chinese workers for health supervision, 248 have entered Vietnam within the time window of 14 days.
17:53, 2020/02/13
Ministry sends task force to Hanoi’s Covid-19-hit neighboring province
This operative group will be on duty in Vinh Phuc province 24/7, until Covid-19 disease in the locality is contained.
13:05, 2020/02/13
Hanoi’s neighbor province isolates one commune with five Covid-19 patients
Adjacent to and well linked with Hanoi, Vinh Phuc will resolutely implement measures to control the Covid-19 epidemic.
06:45, 2020/02/13
Covid-19 epidemic in Vietnam is under control
Vietnam has done a great work in screening, preventing and quarantining Covid-19 suspected people.
08:28, 2020/02/12
First Smart Health and Education Operation Centers launched in Vietnam
With current technology, the Smart Health Operation Center can connect local experts, doctors and more than 100 hospitals in 12 countries around the world for healthcare consulting and technology transfer.
17:32, 2020/02/06
nCoV: Health ministry allays concerns
People need to follow the medical instructions and should not be bewildering to spread out confusing rumors about the epidemic.
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