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Hanoi strives to create 160,000 new jobs
Strengthening cooperation and linkage in the development of tourism products with businesses, industries, localities in the country and foreign countries will be a measure to boost job generation in the city.
09:29, 2021/01/21
Vietnam must control and forecast air quality by 2025: PM directive
With air quality in major cities in Vietnam worsening over the years, now is the time to actively implement the plan and take bolder actions.
20:23, 2021/01/20
Vietnamese volunteers vaccinated with highest dose of Covid-19 are in good conditions
All tested vaccines of Nano Covax are quite safe and the vaccine administration ensured the correct procedures.
10:40, 2021/01/20
Vietnam to import over 133 million doses of avian flu vaccine
Vietnam still has 10 outbreaks of avian influenza, including nine caused by influenza virus A/H5N6 and one by influenza A/H5N1 (less than 21 days).
08:19, 2021/01/19
Vietnam to provide health insurance for all senior citizens in 2021
Vietnam can this year complete its plan on health insurance coverage for people, especially the elderly.
15:52, 2021/01/18
Vietnam Airlines, Humane Society International join hands to save rhinoceros
Short film “When I grow up” is expected to raise awareness about curbing demand for rhino horns in Vietnam.
08:55, 2021/01/18
Vietnam plans to scrap old vehicles over pollution concerns
Scientists have pointed out that dilapidated vehicles discharge toxic gas some times higher than those in good conditions.
21:46, 2021/01/14
Vietnam to support Covid-19-affected workers on Tet holiday
Organizations and individuals are not allowed to take advantage of this support for self-seeking purposes. Violation will be fined or face criminal proceedings.
21:39, 2021/01/14
Hanoi to launch IT job trading floor this month
The Vietnam Employment Service Portal (ESIP) is aimed to meet the demand of laborers, analyze and forecast the market outlook in 2021 and the subsequent years.
15:59, 2021/01/13
Hanoi tests 100 imported frozen food samples for corona virus
All samples will be sent to the Hanoi CDC for corona virus testing.
15:08, 2021/01/12
Schools are almost empty as freeze hits northern Vietnam
Thousands of students in Lang Son, Lao Cai, Cao Bang, among other northern provinces of Vietnam have been allowed to stay home to avoid the cold snap.
20:50, 2021/01/11
Vietnam ranked among 10 countries with world’s lowest unemployment rate
Vietnam was one out of 30 countries applying the multidimensional poverty reduction criteria during 2015-20.
16:18, 2021/01/11
Frosty cold spell hits Hanoi, northern Vietnam
The lowest temperatures during the time the region is hit by the cold snap are ten to 12 degrees Celsius, and four to seven degrees Celsius in mountainous areas.
08:24, 2021/01/11
Hanoi to provide plentiful goods for upcoming Tet holiday: Official
The Hanoi Department of Industry and Trade will tighten the control over imported quality, making sure that goods have clear origin, ensuring food safety and hygiene.
08:44, 2021/01/09
Covid-19 likely causes more maternal mortality in Vietnam: UNFPA
The impact might ruin Vietnam’s achievement gained over the last several years.
11:07, 2021/01/07
Bad weather worsens air pollution in Hanoi
Experts have warned local residents against outdoor activities and advised that people should wear masks to protect themselves.
06:40, 2021/01/07
GIZ helps reduce GHG emissions in Vietnam’s residential buildings
A particular focus of the partnership is on improving energy efficiency and reducing GHG emissions in the affordable housing segment.
08:18, 2021/01/05
Vietnam in top 5 global markets in cost efficiency
Vietnam jumps one place on Total Workforce Index 2020, according to the latest report.
10:10, 2020/12/31
Vietnamese students in US collect donations for flood victims at home
The donations help people feel like they’re making an impact in helping their family and the communities they’re from.
16:08, 2020/12/30
Hanoi: ten thousands smuggled electronic cigarettes seized
The smuggled goods have a total value of approximately VND800 million or around US$34.400.
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