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India: A responsible global member in Covid-19
International experts said that India has set aside differences for a very good cause.
12:44, 2020/08/11
How Hanoi penalizes offenders of Covid-19 pandemic prevention rules?
Hanoi has listed 13 acts of violation and corresponding punishments ranging from administrative fine to criminal prosecution.
21:46, 2020/08/10
How strong is India’s resilience in global health crisis?
India is believed to rise stronger after the crisis unleashed by the coronavirus pandemic is over.
09:13, 2020/08/10
Covid-19 battle in India: Early response, tough measures work
India alertly implemented surveillance as early as January 17, two weeks before the first cases were officially detected.
09:14, 2020/08/08
'Face mask ATM' operated in Ho Chi Minh City amid Covid-19 resurgence
The launch of the face mask dispenser is based on the experience of the machine that releases rice in the previous wave of Covid-19 outbreak.
05:57, 2020/07/28
Vietnam to evacuate 80,000 people from Danang with preventive measures in place
Vietnam’s airlines have added more flights to Danang to airlift tourists out of the city, totaling about 130 flights from the city since July 26.
08:38, 2020/07/27
Hanoi students call for wildlife protection
Hanoi students' graphic works are aimed at encouraging the community to participate in the wildlife protection campaign.
21:45, 2020/07/19
Vietnam names first ten ambassadors of occupational skills
The Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs appreciated contributions of the new ambassadors of vocational skills in the field of job training over the past time.
00:11, 2020/07/18
Over 39% of Vietnam population lives in urban areas
According to a report of the Ministry of Construction, in the first half of 2020, Vietnam's rate of urbanization increased by 0.5% year-on-year.
15:34, 2020/07/15
Two thirds of Vietnamese married women suffer domestic violence: Study
Violence against women in Vietnam remains very much hidden and more actions must be taken to change the situation.
15:20, 2020/07/10
Kazakhstan puts Covid-19 situation under control
Over 1.6 million people in Kazakhstan have been tested so far and the country is carrying out almost 90,000 tests per one million population (almost 14,000 tests per day).
00:47, 2020/07/09
Another Vietnamese geopark recognized by UNESCO
The geopark possesses valuable geomorphological heritages such as beautiful ponds and waterfalls and many other tangible and non-tangible cultural values.
22:17, 2020/07/05
Recruitment demand in Vietnam drops 20% q/q in Q2 on Covid-19: Survey
The recruitment needs in the third quarter are expected to rise versus the second quarter.
21:40, 2020/07/02
Vietnam starts collecting traffic fines online
Offenders across the country could pay fines online through the national public service portal.
17:54, 2020/06/30
Vietnam: Nearly 8 million workers lose jobs or on furlough on Covid-19
As of June 2020, 30.8 million people aged 15 and older in Vietnam have been hurt by the Covid-19 pandemic.
17:32, 2020/06/30
US ambassador announces completion of project to preserve UNESCO heritage site Ho Citadel
The unveiling ceremony is part of the US Mission in Vietnam’s activities to celebrate the 25th anniversary of US-Vietnam diplomatic relations.
07:32, 2020/06/30
Hanoi timely delivers aids to 385.4 thousand people hit by Covid-19
Almost all districts in Hanoi have made relief payments to the right people.
18:04, 2020/06/24
Nearly 89% of Vietnam population covered by health insurance
The figure shows that the target of health insurance coverage of over 90.7% of the population by the end of 2020 and over 95% by 2025 could be met.
10:37, 2020/06/20
“Yoga from home”- celebrations of 6th Int’l Day of Yoga amid Covid-19
The embassies of India in many countries have supported yoga practitioners with a series of online mode.
01:11, 2020/06/20
UAE aids global efforts against Covid-19 pandemic
So far, the UAE has provided 935 tons of medical and food aid, as well as 935,000 medical professionals to 65 countries and territories.
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