Made-in-Vietnam Covid-19 vaccine to be tested on humans next year
It is expected that there will be at least one Vietnamese Covid-19 vaccine manufacturer conducting clinical trials for the second and third phases in 2021.
10:29, 2020/09/29
ITAP – essential in ASEAN manufacturing: SingEx
ITAP is designed to serve economies and enterprises at their full spectrum of understanding of Industry 4.0.
18:05, 2020/09/28
Vietnam vulnerable to foreign cyber-attacks
Some 2,017 cyber attacks were recorded on Vietnam's information system in the first half of 2020, down 27.1% year-on-year.
10:52, 2020/09/20
Vietnamese private enterprises’ participation in e-government should be encouraged
Vietnam strives to be among the top four countries in e-government in ASEAN and the 70 leading countries in e-government in the world by 2025.
00:13, 2020/09/15
Vietnam speeds up production of Covid-19 vaccine
The Covid-19 vaccine research and development project in Vietnam has shown positive progress with a fairly high immune response to the vaccine antigens.
09:01, 2020/09/12
Google share in Vietnam search market hits low on competition from Coc Coc
The search engine's share giant dropped by nearly 4.8 percentage points in August 2020 year-on-year.
13:15, 2020/09/09
International experts appreciate Vietnam’s high ranking in GII 2020
A senior expert of the WIPO who led the drafting team of Global Innovation Index (GII) 2020 report, said Vietnamese businesses have made remarkable progress, making an important contribution to the upgrade of Vietnam's GII.
22:47, 2020/09/07
A Vietnamese scientist develops treatment drug for Covid-19 patients
The drug is developed based on the recovered Covid-19 patient's antibodies and antibodies obtained through microfluidic chip technology.
17:14, 2020/09/03
Vietnam maintains high rankings in Global Innovation Index 2020
Vietnam is among the 10 best-ranked economies in terms of income group, and leads the group of lower-middle income economies, made up of 29 countries.
18:30, 2020/09/01
Vietnamese students’ coronavirus-proof helmet wins top-10 award
The Vietnamese students’ coronavirus-proof helmet is designed to protect the respiratory system, prevent viral infections while ensuring comfort and convenience for users.
18:00, 2020/08/28
Vietnam innovation improves in three consecutive years
The development of science and technology is demonstrated by Vietnam’s innovation index in the world.
14:40, 2020/08/28
Vingroup launches its new smartphone designed by Vietnamese team
The company strives to become a pioneer in the Vietnamese smartphone market.
01:11, 2020/08/27
Joining FTAs, Vietnam strengthens intellectual property protection
The Ministry of Science and Technology is working on amendments to the Law on Intellectual Property to integrate international commitments into the national legal system.
14:50, 2020/08/25
Vietnam publishes book honoring scientific Covid-19-related innovations
The book honors seven innovative scientific and technological works that will be quickly and effectively applied in the fight against Covid-19.
07:49, 2020/08/21
"Make in Vietnam" products to realize the country’s digital economy ambition
Make in Vietnam Digital Award 2020 is the first of its kind, aiming to promote the development of digital technology businesses in the country.
00:42, 2020/08/19
Vietnam launches national center for population database
The project is Vietnam’s largest on information technology, modernizing population management with the application of science and technology, based on the national population database and ID.
15:14, 2020/08/14
Vsmart kicks Xiaomi out of top 5 smartphone brands in Q2
The Vietnamese brand ranked fourth in terms of smartphone sales in the second quarter of 2020.
16:31, 2020/08/13
Contact tracing app Bluezone has nearly 16 million downloads in Vietnam
Hanoi ranks second among the localities in terms of Bluezone users as of August 11.
14:57, 2020/08/10
Vietnam's IT employees expect to work on solutions to crises similar to Covid-19
IT investment and digital working are highlighted in the latest survey to facilitate the digital future of work.
13:51, 2020/08/05
Vietnamese people asked to install app for Covid-19 contact tracing
The app alerts users if they are at risk of infection and instructs them to contact health authorities.
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