Vietnam to launch e-government evaluation system this July
An e-government evaluation system will be launched in July 2020.
10:05, 2020/03/20
Covid-19 catalyzes digital transformation in Vietnam
The Covid-19 pandemic could prompt Vietnam to move forward in the digital economy.
13:45, 2020/03/19
Covid-19: Hanoi activates GPS app to monitor people in isolation
The GPS application will monitor coronavirus-infected people and those who are in concentrated quarantine facilities or self-isolation at home.
15:05, 2020/03/17
NCOVI health declaration among 10 most downloaded apps in Vietnam
NCOVI app was created for universal health declaration and disseminating information about the Covid-19 epidemic.
06:48, 2020/03/17
Vietnam firms ready for low-cost smartphone production
Vietnam will have a smartphone universalization program with a view to achieving smartphone penetration of 100% through selling smartphones for just US$45-50.
09:37, 2020/03/06
Vietnam firm to produce 10,000 Covid-19 test kits daily
The Covid-19 test kits have been approved by Vietnam's Ministry of Health for mass production as they provide 100% accurate results after more than one hour of testing.
14:43, 2020/03/04
Vietnam longs for foreign experts in science and technology
Overseas Vietnamese and foreign experts when performing science and technology tasks in Vietnam are entitled to an agreed salary.
18:18, 2020/03/01
Vietnam launches air quality monitoring app
The air quality monitoring app is user-friendly, easy to download, install and upgrade.
17:06, 2020/02/16
Malware found to disguise coronavirus information
Malicious codes that come in the form of information on coronavirus allow hackers to harm, modify or copy data or even interfere with the users’ computers and network.
12:19, 2020/02/07
Vietnamese engineers create website on coronavirus in 12 hours
The idea of ​​building a Vietnamese website on coronavirus stems from the fact that the world's infection map does not have a Vietnamese version.
18:52, 2020/02/06
Vietnam to launch app on nCoV as hotlines overloaded
Corona app will help people assess their risk of infection, take self protection measures as well as contact health stations.
16:01, 2020/01/31
Vietnam: Fastest-growing digital economy in Asia-Pacific
The digital sector is expected to contribute 30% to Vietnam's economy by 2030.
23:54, 2020/01/17
First 5G video call made in Vietnam with locally produced equipment
Vietnam's first 5G video call was rated as successful with no lag in connection, lagging audio or choppy video reported.
12:54, 2020/01/16
Vietnam to launch commercial 5G services in 2020
Vietnam will try to take the world leading position in terms of technology as well asbuild a roadmapto phase out 2G mobile technology from 2022.
12:36, 2020/01/10
Computer malware causes US$860 million damage to Vietnam
The damage caused by computer viruses to Vietnamese users increased from VND14,900 billion (US$640 million) in 2018 to US$860 million in 2019.
17:07, 2019/12/29
Vietnam needs to pioneer 5G deployment: PM
5G is the foundation and infrastructure for developing new technology applications.
12:02, 2019/12/25
Vietnamese news portals and websites are favorite targets of hackers
Security of Vietnam portals/websites were breached by 744 attacks over the last four weeks with 62 interface-changing hacks and 428 malware attacks.
22:55, 2019/12/11
Innovation is key in Vietnam's digital transformation: Deputy minister
Vietnam has been witnessing the birth of many technology businesses, in numerous fields and different new business models.
15:28, 2019/11/27
UNDP advances smart city projects in Vietnam
With the project in Danang, UNDP supports Vietnam in advancing the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
16:28, 2019/11/22
Vietnam bank exposed to security breach with 2M accounts leaked
According to the hacking source, it has full records of all the bank users.
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