Hanoi's hot and vivid summer days
Against the scorching heat, Hanoians’ life becomes vivid when the summer season comes.
15:52, 2020/05/20
Hanoi lotus flowers in full bloom amid sweltering summer
Lotus flower vendors are dotting Hanoi's streets as the flower is in full blossom.
11:22, 2020/05/12
Hanoi streets jammed after morning rain
Many roads and streets in the city were stacked after the morning rain.
12:09, 2020/05/11
Vietnam’s Northwest terraced paddy fields in snapshots
Colorful hillside rice terraces filled with water look like beautiful watercolor paintings.
17:25, 2020/05/06
Hanoi’s outskirt village burst with joy after 28-day lockdown
The villagers can now return to normal livelihood.
13:55, 2020/05/05
Hanoi's new leafy walkway enriches greenery
Hanoians enjoy the newly built tree-lined walkway in Thai Ha street.
00:00, 2020/05/05
Hanoi streets packed with vehicles as usual after social distancing orders lifted
Hanoi’s streets seem to be stuffier and noisier in the first summer days.
14:30, 2020/04/30
Hanoi streets turn red to mark national holidays
Flags and banners are decorated in every street and alley across the capital city.
22:37, 2020/04/28
To win customers amid Covid-19 pandemic, Hanoi stores erect anti-droplet screens
Anti-droplet partitions at the stores are seen as a good idea to ensure safety of diner and avoid contact.
17:49, 2020/04/26
Hustle and bustle returns to Hanoi as usual on loosened social distancing orders
Streets in Hanoi are bustling again when local residents leave home for doing exercise outdoor, dining and going for a walk.
09:06, 2020/04/25
Colorful Hanoi celebrates national holidays
To celebrate the upcoming national holidays, 2,000 banners have been in place to decorate the main roads of the city.
14:59, 2020/04/24
Hanoi catering services reopen after 22-day stay-at-home period
Hanoi’s coffee shops and restaurants have been open to customers again as many catering services have resumed operations since April 23.
09:36, 2020/04/21
Non-essential shops stay open in Hanoi despite shutdown order
Many shops in Hanoi remained open to serve on-site customers, neglecting the order to extend the social distancing period.
16:32, 2020/04/19
Hanoi streets still crowded in extended social distancing period
Hanoi and 11 provinces/cities have been required to continue social distancing measures until April 22.
13:11, 2020/04/19
Ancient and unique crateva religiosa plant blooms in Hanoi’s village
The unique crateva religiosa plant in Hanoi bloomed brightly and became a feature of Dinh Thon village.
14:58, 2020/04/17
Hanoi’s sparkling moments on social distancing days
After two weeks in social distancing, citizens in Hanoi take another stay-at-home week to prevent the propagation of the pandemic.
14:19, 2020/04/16
White lines painted in Hanoi's wet market to enforce social distancing
The local authorities require shoppers to stand before the white lines, drawn two meters away from the stalls, to prevent close contacts between them.
14:38, 2020/04/15
Another version of Hanoi's nightlife during pandemic time
In contrast to the bustling scenery in day, Hanoi at night becomes quieter than ever.
20:09, 2020/04/14
Second rice ATM operated in Hanoi to help needy people overcome Covid-19
The rice dispenser is of great support for underprivileged people.
13:12, 2020/04/14
Hanoi, HCMC streets crowded few days before scheduled end of national social distancing order
Major streets in the two biggest cities become busy with people gathering outdoors, some without wearing face masks.
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