Unique miniature of communal house in Vietnam
The love for the village’s communal house prompted a Vietnamese artisan to come up with the idea of crafting a miniature wooden house model.
16:49, 2021/03/16
The National Library of the Nguyen Dynasty opened
The newly restored ancient library in Hue city showcasing Vietnamese life under the regime of Nguyen Kings.
17:01, 2021/03/13
Huong Pagoda reopens
Tourists flock to renown Huong Pagoda from 1am on the first day of Huong Pagoda Festival on March 13.
18:48, 2021/03/03
Vietnamese architect wins the 11th International Yuan Ye Architecture Awards
Built at the edge of Cuc Phuong National Park within lush green forests, limestone mountains and natural water surfaces, the construction had outperformed nearly 1,000 competitive submissions of more than 500 architecture enterprises from over 20 countries and territories to be awarded such a prestigious prize.
12:21, 2021/03/01
Hanoi: Cinemas lack clients during the peak season
Despite of the peak of entertainment season after Tet holiday, cinemas in Hanoi city are almost desolate due to the impact of Covid-19 pandemic.
21:43, 2021/02/28
A gentle Hanoi in the leaf-changing season
Hanoi dresses up in yellow, red and green as leaves change colors.
15:35, 2021/02/26
A charming Hanoi in stunning beauty of Sua flowers
For Hanoians, Sua flowers with special fragrance remain an iconic symbol of the capital city during Spring, after the traditional Tet holiday.
10:00, 2021/02/24
The Black Virgin Mountain - a spiritual destination for Buddhist in Spring 2021
The 300-year-old pagoda and the Buddha statute atop the highest mountain in the Southeast is a favorite spiritual destination of locals and Buddhists in the spring.
13:54, 2021/02/22
Funeral of former Deputy PM Truong Vinh Trong held
Trong passed away on February 19 due to serious illness and old age. He held the post of Deputy Prime Minister from June 2006 to August 2011 and served as deputy of the National Assembly in the 8th and 11th tenure.
10:48, 2021/02/20
Hanoi’s leaders join rice-growing season
The leaders’ engagement in rice planting in the New Year is considered encouragement to local farmers.
13:26, 2021/02/18
Ban trees in full bloom in Hanoi
Amid spring days, some streets in Hanoi are becoming increasingly elegant for visitors to enjoy the pristine beauty of Ban trees in full bloom.
17:51, 2021/02/14
Four magnificent seasons on “Roof of Indochina”
Mount Fansipan is an ideal destination for couple on Valentine’s day
16:59, 2021/02/13
Hanoians go to pagoda on 2nd day of Tet holiday
Many people in Hanoi go to Tran Quoc pagoda on the second day of Tet holiday to pray for a year of good luck, health, and prosperity.
13:15, 2021/02/13
Van Mieu remains a must-go place on the first days of the New Year
For Hanoians and others in Vietnam, coming to Van Mieu – Quoc Tu Giam for script is a long-lasting custom.
13:20, 2021/02/12
A peaceful Hanoi on the first day of Tet Holiday
A few people go out for a stroll to enjoy the peaceful and pleasant atmosphere as many streets of the city are quiet and deserted.
08:01, 2021/02/12
Quan Thanh Temple, imprint of Thang Long ancient citadel
The complex consists of a beautiful gate, bronze statue, bronze bell, altars, banyan trees and much more wonderful artifacts for visitors to explore.
00:48, 2021/02/12
Hanoians stay at home and enjoy firework display on Vietnam Television
Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Hanoi holds a dazzling firework display at a single venue in town.
16:48, 2021/02/08
Flowers brighten up Hoan Kiem Lake
Different species of flowers create a dazzling beauty in Hoan Kiem Lake’s surroundings.
10:48, 2021/02/04
Bia hoi venues are almost empty in the city
Many restaurants, bars and entertainment venues, including Bia hoi (fresh beer) shops, face loss of customers and closure due to the third wave of Covid-19 pandemic in Vietnam.
09:21, 2021/02/03
Red color covers Hanoi Old Quarter street ahead of Tet holiday
Hang Ma street keeps attracting visitors to shop and snap memorable photos on days before the Year of Buffalo.
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