Danang’s second field hospital completed, ready to treat Covid-19 patients
If the number of patients increases sharply, the number of beds at the hospital can be raised to 2,000.
18:35, 2020/07/31
Hanoi conducts rapid Covid-19 tests on returnees from Danang
Nearly 30,000 residents in Hanoi visited Danang in July
17:51, 2020/07/30
To prevent Covid-19, Hanoians wear face masks everywhere
Wearing a face mask is a simple and effective measure to help prevent Covid-19 infection in the community.
18:56, 2020/07/29
Without foreign tourists, Hanoi’s Old Quarter souvenir shops and hotels shut down
Covid-19 has put catering services and fashion shops in the Old Quarter in a dire situation.
08:34, 2020/07/09
How sacred cake for worship in Hanoi is made
Oan is an indispensable offering on the altar of many Vietnamese families and temples on special occasions.
10:50, 2020/07/04
How Hanoi’s lotus-scented tea is made
Flavoring green tea with lotus scent is a manual process and no chemicals are allowed.
10:58, 2020/06/27
Outstanding images of "Hanoi 2020 – Investment and Development Cooperation"
“Hanoi 2020 – Investment and Development Cooperation”conference is being held at the National Conference Center.
07:58, 2020/06/22
Hanoian girls posing with lotus flowers
Defying the blazing sun, Hanoi's young girls dressed up to take photos with lotus flowers.
13:28, 2020/06/19
Bird’s eye view of Hanoi’s half-built elevated ring road No. 2
The ring road is expected to reduce traffic congestion in the capital city.
12:16, 2020/06/12
Hanoi’s streets covered by flamboyant flowers in summer
The blooming flamboyant flowers signal the beginning of summer and the end of the school year.
11:14, 2020/06/09
Vietnam’s first ever mounted police unit marches in Ba Dinh Square
The mounted police force was founded with the aim of fighting crime, protecting social security and order, according to the Mobile Police High Command.
15:18, 2020/05/25
Hanoi's hot and vivid summer days
Against the scorching heat, Hanoians’ life becomes vivid when the summer season comes.
15:52, 2020/05/20
Hanoi lotus flowers in full bloom amid sweltering summer
Lotus flower vendors are dotting Hanoi's streets as the flower is in full blossom.
11:22, 2020/05/12
Hanoi streets jammed after morning rain
Many roads and streets in the city were stacked after the morning rain.
12:09, 2020/05/11
Vietnam’s Northwest terraced paddy fields in snapshots
Colorful hillside rice terraces filled with water look like beautiful watercolor paintings.
17:25, 2020/05/06
Hanoi’s outskirt village burst with joy after 28-day lockdown
The villagers can now return to normal livelihood.
13:55, 2020/05/05
Hanoi's new leafy walkway enriches greenery
Hanoians enjoy the newly built tree-lined walkway in Thai Ha street.
00:00, 2020/05/05
Hanoi streets packed with vehicles as usual after social distancing orders lifted
Hanoi’s streets seem to be stuffier and noisier in the first summer days.
14:30, 2020/04/30
Hanoi streets turn red to mark national holidays
Flags and banners are decorated in every street and alley across the capital city.
22:37, 2020/04/28
To win customers amid Covid-19 pandemic, Hanoi stores erect anti-droplet screens
Anti-droplet partitions at the stores are seen as a good idea to ensure safety of diner and avoid contact.
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