Ox-eye Daisy garden in Hanoi attracts thousands of visitors
Ha An 15:31, 2019/11/13
The tiny pure white flower with the yellow stamen representing the innocence and purity has become the most preferred flowers of Hanoians over the past few years.

Flower gardens on the banks of the Red River in Tay Ho district of Hanoi have emerged as must-visit destinations for visitors to capture the Ox-eye daisy every November over the past five years. 

Between the end of October and the beginning of November, Ox-eye daisy starts to bloom, coloring up the early winter in Hanoi with the romance and peacefulness. The tiny pure white flower with the yellow stamen representing the innocence and purity has become the most preferred flowers of Hanoians over the past few years. 

 The flowers in their full bloom become the spotlights of the gardens, attracting hordes of people who look to snap beautiful images of the scenery.

 It is easy to realize that there are women and teenage girls in a wide range of ages wearing chic dresses to take "instagramable" photos before the flowers wilts very soon. 

 The area for the daisy buds in the garden is also a notable backdrop for photo capturing. 
 Ao Dai, the national traditional long dress, is also a favorite outfit for people to wear whilst taking photos amid the ox-eye daisy flowers. The colors of red and white are more preferred.

Some visitors to the garden followed by their professional photographers and make-up team to have the most beautiful and memorable shootings. However, some just using their smartphones to have fairly beautiful pictures. 

 Not only the teenagers but also women enjoy the fresh space. 


The owners of the flower gardens also provide full services of renting Ao dai, selling bunches and crowns of ox-eye daisies for visitors to have the best experience of photo shootings. The most favorable time for shooting with the ox-eye daisy in the gardens is in the early morning and the late afternoon when the sunlight is not too intense and makes the photos more harmonious and fairly bright.

 Besides the ox-eye daisy, the visitors to the garden may enjoy another wide range of colorful blossoms including the bush of tall wispy plants, purple buttons of globe amaranth among others. The price ticket to the garden is VND50,000 (US$2.2) this November. 
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