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From "Obsolete" to "Brain Death"
Macron's deliberately provocative remarks are also aiming at profiling himself as Europe's leader.
10:36, 2019/36/29
IS leader's death: Lucky salvation for Trump
The killing of al-Baghdadi came just at a right time for Mr. Trump and helps salvaging his chances to be re-elected next year.
16:00, 2019/00/21
Small move with strategic significance
For the whole region, the US`s withdrawal is of strategic significance.
18:28, 2019/28/15
Meaningful timing
China is seeking to boost its influence in South Asia, competing directly with India.
14:30, 2019/30/14
US-China Phase One trade deal: Much hailed but minimal
There remain three main obstacles whose solutions would be decisive for ending the trade conflict remain unresolved.
07:55, 2019/55/02
Multiple-benefit connection
Japan and the EU want to create alternatives to China`s Belt and Road Initiative. They build a counterweight to China`s ambitions.
07:30, 2019/30/27
Impeachment: Reasonable but not feasible
The Democrats are now playing a very dangerous game by impeaching Mr. Trump. They might add more troubles to Mr. Trump but have no chance, legally and politically, to successfully impeach him.
06:36, 2019/36/20
Trump's dilemma in Gulf region
The attack on Saudi Arabia`s oil facilities has put President Trump in a dilemma which it is not easy for him to get rid of.
15:15, 2019/15/18
Spectacular but not surprised
Trump and Bolton clashed on, first, Trump`s approach on North Korea and, second, on Iran and finally the Afghan Taliban.
04:41, 2019/41/13
Mutual miscalculations
President Trump personally and the Taliban would necessarily draw lessons from their miscalculations this time.
19:21, 2019/21/26
Tit-for-tat with serious effects
How long will this trade war last and who will be the first to make concessions?
17:30, 2019/30/19
Limit damages before it’s too late
There was more than enough evidence showing that the UK and Gibraltar had acted in deliberate violations of international law only in order to appease the US.
16:19, 2019/19/15
US can send coast guard ships to uphold int'l law in South China Sea: Expert
Professor Alexander L Vuving (AV) from the Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies (APCSS) shared with Hanoitimes some thoughts on the recent Chinese infringements of Vietnam’s sovereignty in the South China Sea.
09:51, 2019/51/13
Different actions conveying same message
The world’s public opinion shouldn`t dramatize their actions and the new situation in the Korean Peninsula and shouldn`t be surprised if in the future the US and South Korea perform military drills again and North Korea fires missiles.
23:55, 2019/55/10
US-Sino trade war: from tit-for-tat to agreement?
Their game with currency is always like playing with double-edged knife. China’s deliberate weakening of the yuan has a limit and the US sanctions on countries it considers currency manipulators can`t be limitless and effective forever.
16:20, 2019/20/06
Psycho Warfare or Real Strike?
Mr. Trump`s new tariff on Chinese goods is firstly something like another psycho warfare to deter and deliver a warning to China, keep this country under the US pressures and force China to kneel down.
11:55, 2019/55/22
China once again violates Vietnam's sovereignty and international law
It isn`t the first time China ignored protests and warnings from Vietnam and the outside world.
16:31, 2019/31/21
Squaring the Circle
The EU would still need more time to solve its own problems before returning to the role and influence it once had on the world stage.
13:57, 2019/57/17
Another approach to break the deadlock
Both sides are taking care about keeping chances and possibilities to scale down their confrontation.
12:06, 2019/06/13
Positive move but business as usual
The two presidents talked about, of cause, Ukraine, concretely about the conflict in Ukraine’s eastern regions and the relations between Russia and the smaller neighbor.
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