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Fintech is emerging as a driver of innovative financial solutions during Covid-19
Fintech – the fusion of finance and technology – could be a game-changer for inclusive economic growth amidst the pandemic.
08:24, 2020/05/31
Will the pandemic speed up workplace automation?
The threat of automation taking away jobs due to new and emerging technologies has faded from public discussion lately, but Covid-19 might be speeding up the process in an ‘organic way.’
09:57, 2020/05/30
Managing public-private partnerships for a post-pandemic recovery
PPPs can help by bringing in private sector capital and technical expertise as governments continue to look for value for money in infrastructure provision.
09:39, 2020/05/30
The global economy will emerge stronger if Covid-19 drives digitization
The health crisis should drive us to aggressively digitize global trade and supply chains so we can make the economic recovery stronger and the economy more robust.
09:19, 2020/05/30
How currency-linked bonds spur growth and development
Currency-linked bonds are simple but powerful instruments that fortify economies and can efficiently finance development projects.
14:22, 2020/05/29
Three lessons that past global crises can teach us about today’s pandemic
The 1918 flu, World War II and the Great Depression all provide important lessons for dealing with COVID-19 and its wide ranging effects across society.
00:28, 2020/05/29
Another Covid-19 challenge: Saving Asia’s crucial infrastructure deals
The public-private partnerships used to finance roads, ports, hospitals and dozens of other infrastructure projects could be affected by the pandemic-induced financial crisis. Here’s how to avoid that.
23:58, 2020/05/28
Build green to help fend off the next pandemic
Investments in climate-resilient infrastructure should be the centerpiece of the billions of dollars in economic stimulus being used to rebuild Asia’s economies.
09:07, 2020/05/27
Five ways banks can help Asia’s smallest businesses survive Covid-19
The road to recovery post-Covid-19 is full of risks for Asia’s banks. They need to innovate and expand their services to help rebuild the small businesses that provide a lifeline to Asia’s poor.
15:06, 2020/05/26
What’s next for supply chains scrambled by the pandemic?
The pandemic has highlighted the shortcomings of the globalized supply chain model.
10:21, 2020/05/26
Rebooting the economy during Covid-19
Governments in Asia and the Pacific must think about two things when restarting their economies: when to do it and how.
23:44, 2020/04/28
Science-led solutions needed for Lower Mekong region: Experts
Voices, opinions, and experiences from the local community and experts should be taken seriously for any policy making process.
21:31, 2020/04/26
In the Pacific, Covid-19 is changing the way we think about waste management
The pandemic is producing more household waste and increased amounts of dangerous medical waste. We need to manage these changes for our immediate safety and for the long-term welfare of our communities.
08:17, 2020/04/26
Asia should lead the way in producing a novel coronavirus vaccine
The Asia-Pacific region has the expertise and resources to take a leadership role in not only developing a Covid-19 vaccine but distributing it to those who need it most.
16:20, 2020/04/24
We need to act swiftly to avoid further economic damage from Covid-19
With timely and well-targeted programs, policy makers can prevent the health crisis from deepening into a wider economic and financial crisis. This could sow the seeds of economic recovery.
07:28, 2020/04/24
The pandemic combined with climate change is hitting the poor hard
The global response to Covid-19 should also be a springboard for action on climate change resilience so we can narrow the divide between rich and poor and keep everyone safe.
15:08, 2020/04/22
The response to Covid-19 should also be a response to the climate crisis
Now is the time to ramp up actions on resilience so that society can beat the Covid-19 crisis while reducing the impact of climate threats.
21:21, 2020/04/18
Dual threat in the Pacific: Covid-19 and natural hazards
The pandemic demonstrates that disasters are triggered by multidimensional risks and hazards, and that a country’s approach to urban resilience needs to be multifaceted.
10:22, 2020/04/17
Can Covid-19 catalyze Vietnam’s digital transformation?
Covid-19 is a reminder that Vietnam could benefit a great deal from digitalized services and should push the digital agenda even harder and faster.
11:27, 2020/04/16
Covid-19 highlights Asian banks’ vulnerability to US dollar debt
The pandemic provides an opportunity for regional financial cooperation on reforms to make Asian banks more resilient to crises.
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