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How can Asia avoid fallout if COVID-19 triggers a debt crunch?
How policy makers respond now will be crucial in avoiding this worst-case scenario, and deciding whether the recovery path will be V, U, or L-shaped.
17:29, 2020/03/17
Quarantine in Vietnam is more like a holiday camp: Briton
The full 14-day quarantine is part of Vietnam's efforts to keep locals and foreigners safe amid the rising global infections.
17:05, 2020/03/11
“How great our Party is! How heroic our people are!”
Speech by Party General Secretary and State President Nguyen Phu Trong at the ceremony in honor of the 90th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of Vietnam (February 3, 1930 - February 3, 2020).
10:03, 2020/03/08
Gender Equality: A game-changer for society across generations
On the occasion of International Women’s Day (March 8), Mr. Kamal Malhotra, Resident Coordinator for the United Nations in Vietnam, and Ms Elisa Fernández Sáenz, Head of Office, UN Women in Vietnam, present their thoughts on the role of gender equality in the world and Vietnam.
10:59, 2020/03/05
Summit cancellation a major blow to US relations with ASEAN: Thayer
The cancellation of the US-ASEAN Leaders’ Special Meeting will undermine Vietnam’s role as ASEAN Chair, according to Prof. Thayer.
09:32, 2020/02/28
Is developing Asia ready for the Industry 4.0 Revolution?
Automation would encourage reshoring as advanced economies replace human inputs in routine tasks. Vietnam, for example, might lose 26% of its jobs to this reshoring.
10:46, 2020/02/25
Building Vietnam’s bridge to greater economic growth and development: ADB expert
There are three key strategies that can help Vietnam achieve its ambitious development targets in the coming years.
00:21, 2020/02/06
Trump impeachment: Game over
This impeachment has made America even more polarized, politically, socially and morally.
17:14, 2020/02/05
The 90-year-old CPV crafts a steady foreign strategy for Vietnam: Expert
"Overriding theme is progress but not without sacrifice and struggle along the way".
20:02, 2019/11/12
From "Obsolete" to "Brain Death"
Macron's deliberately provocative remarks are also aiming at profiling himself as Europe's leader.
10:36, 2019/10/29
IS leader's death: Lucky salvation for Trump
The killing of al-Baghdadi came just at a right time for Mr. Trump and helps salvaging his chances to be re-elected next year.
16:00, 2019/10/21
Small move with strategic significance
For the whole region, the US`s withdrawal is of strategic significance.
18:28, 2019/10/15
Meaningful timing
China is seeking to boost its influence in South Asia, competing directly with India.
14:30, 2019/10/14
US-China Phase One trade deal: Much hailed but minimal
There remain three main obstacles whose solutions would be decisive for ending the trade conflict remain unresolved.
07:55, 2019/10/02
Multiple-benefit connection
Japan and the EU want to create alternatives to China`s Belt and Road Initiative. They build a counterweight to China`s ambitions.
07:30, 2019/09/27
Impeachment: Reasonable but not feasible
The Democrats are now playing a very dangerous game by impeaching Mr. Trump. They might add more troubles to Mr. Trump but have no chance, legally and politically, to successfully impeach him.
06:36, 2019/09/20
Trump's dilemma in Gulf region
The attack on Saudi Arabia`s oil facilities has put President Trump in a dilemma which it is not easy for him to get rid of.
15:15, 2019/09/18
Spectacular but not surprised
Trump and Bolton clashed on, first, Trump`s approach on North Korea and, second, on Iran and finally the Afghan Taliban.
04:41, 2019/09/13
Mutual miscalculations
President Trump personally and the Taliban would necessarily draw lessons from their miscalculations this time.
19:21, 2019/08/26
Tit-for-tat with serious effects
How long will this trade war last and who will be the first to make concessions?
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