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Online fine art exhibition held to mark 45th anniversary of national reunification
Nhat Minh 13:31, 2020/04/20
The fine art exhibition was launched on vnfam.vn and the Facebook page of the museum.

An online fine art exhibition with a theme “the resistance war against the US” was organized by the Vietnam National Fine Arts Museum on the occasion of the 45th anniversary of Vietnam’s national reunification (April 30, 1975 – 2020).

 Taking Ammunition to the Battlefield by Le Thanh Tru. Photo: The Vietnam National Fine Arts Museum

The exhibition introduced many unique works collected by the Vietnam National Fine Arts Museum and created by generations of artists, including those who fought on the battlefields or witnessed historical moments of the country.

Created through diverse materials such as wood, lacquer, oil paint and silk, the works highlighted the resistance of the Vietnamese army and people in the reunification war.

Typical works of the exhibition included: “Grasping the Southern Soil” by Pham Xuan Thi; “The Mother of Resistance” by Hoang Tram; “By the Side of Vinh Linh Trench” by Dao Duc; “This Land Belongs to Our Ancestors” by Nguyen Vinh Nguyen; “On the Way to the Battlefield” by Nguyen Thanh Chau; “Soldiers come back” and “Taking Ammunition to the Battlefield” by Le Thanh Tru.

 By the Side of Vinh Linh Trench” by Dao Duc. Photo: The Ministry of Culture, Sports & Tourism

Especially, the exhibition showcased two works of “Spring Sunshine 1975” by Nguyen Quang Tho and “May Sunshine” by Quach Phong, depicting the moment when the Liberation Army marched into Saigon waving national flags on the day of liberation.

 May Sunshine by Quach Phong. Photo: The Vietnam National Fine Arts Museum

The exhibition is expected to help viewers learn more about the glorious victories and feats of armed forces and pay tribute to those who sacrificed their lives for national independence.

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