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Nhat Tan peach trees in full blossom to welcome Tet
Ha An 15:42, 2020/01/13
The weather in the time of traditional Tet celebration over the past three years has been hotter leading to the early bloom of peach flowers.

Due to the hot weather, peach trees in the Nhat Tan Garden, one of the largest suppliers of peach flowers in Hanoi, are in full bloom, ready to flood the downtown markets during the Tet holiday.


These days, visitors and customers flock to the Nhat Tan peach village, mostly traders looking for trees or branches of flowering peaches. "I bought this peach tree in the garden for VND1 million (US$43) to sell at the downtown flower market next week," a salesman said.


The weather in the time of traditional Tet celebration over the past three years has been hotter leading to the early bloom of peach flowers. In spite of it, some gardeners said that big peach trees are still in the good shapes and produce many buds.


Some peach trees in Nhat Tan are even taller than a person.


Large peach trees are usually not for sale, but are rented at prices ranging from VND5 million

(US$216) to billions of dongs, depending on how large the trees and their shapes are. When the Tet is finished, the trees will be returned to the gardeners who will care for it until the next Tet.


A peach tree for rent with price of VND10 million (US$430) is delivered to the province of Hai Duong, around 50km from Hanoi.


This year, gardeners in Nhat Tan also earn more income from visitors coming to take photos with peach blossoms.


Some trees are so large that they need to be transported by trucks.

Photo: VnExpress

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