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Covid-19 may hurt up to 5 million workers in Vietnam in Q3
In the worst-case scenario, the number of workers losing their jobs could increase by 60,000 – 70,000 per month.
20:47, 2020/08/02
Danang sets up field hospitals as local coronavirus infections surge
The field hospitals will take care Covid-19 patients with mild symptoms to ease burden on hospitals in Danang.
17:30, 2020/08/02
Vietnam strives to stamp down Covid-19 in highly infectious Danang hospital
The evacuation helps minimize infections and save the health staff.
18:14, 2020/08/01
Vietnam successfully develops two sets of SARS-CoV-2 test kits
The two test kits' development was based on the technological process of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (US CDC), approved by the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) in March.
18:30, 2020/07/31
Ho Chi Minh City closes entertainment facilities
Many provinces have re-instated social distancing measures amid new Covid-19 developments.
18:13, 2020/07/31
Vietnam authorities seize nearly 1 million poor quality face masks
Vietnam’s market surveillance authority seized over 150,000 counterfeit 3M face masks , the largest case of intellectual property infringement in the country so far this year.
15:33, 2020/07/31
Vietnam reports first Covid-19 death
Vietnam had done its best to keep its casualty-free coronavirus profile for months amid widespread of the global pandemic.
12:21, 2020/07/31
Vietnam sets up special task force in Danang as local infections surge
Leading health professionals have come to Danang to support the treatment of Covid-19 patients.
09:28, 2020/07/31
World Bank provides US$6.2-million grant to help Vietnam cope with Covid-19
The grant will also support the research and development of new vaccine and quick diagnostic tests in Vietnam.
18:50, 2020/07/30
Journey home from Equatorial Guinea of over 100 coronavirus-infected Vietnamese citizens
The flight was equipped with health emergency toolkits and isolation rooms to prepared for critical conditions.
08:57, 2020/07/30
Take tough measures against Covid-19: Vietnam PM
Heads of cities and provinces are allowed to decide whether tough measures applied depending on the situation.
08:10, 2020/07/30
Progress towards market-based economy in Vietnam remains slow: Experts
The government should refrain from excessive intervention into the market and only hold core business fields with potential impacts on national security.
15:29, 2020/07/29
WHO lauds Vietnam response to new Covid-19 outbreak and repatriation program
Vietnam's disease surveillance system has been working effectively, allowing it to trace cases quickly and on time.
11:31, 2020/07/29
Covid-19 battle: Vietnam writes unbelievable story
Vietnam's richest man said it’s their mission and responsibility to develop a Vietnamese brand with a world-class reputation.
22:50, 2020/07/28
Vietnam makes all effort to avoid Covid-19 fatalities
All hospitals nationwide are required to get ready to prevent and fight the pandemic and support others if necessary.
17:04, 2020/07/28
Japan helps Vietnam improve maritime capacity with US$347 million loan
The project significantly enables Vietnam to enhance freedom of navigation.
13:01, 2020/07/28
Vietnam cuts all passenger transport services to and from Danang to curb virus spread
Cargo flights and vehicles are not affected by this ban.
12:25, 2020/07/28
Vietnam accelerates Covid-19 testing: Official
The testing will be conducted with made-in-Vietnam test kits.
10:34, 2020/07/28
Covid-19: Vietnam reports 11 more local infections
So far, 15 Covid-19 patients in Vietnam have been infected in the community after months without local infections.
06:08, 2020/07/28
Vietnam arrests Chinese ringleader of illegal immigration
There has been some speculation about the link between Chinese immigrants and the local infections of coronavirus in Vietnam.
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