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Highlights of Party Chief speech at National Congress
Party’s personnel must be the most important task, focusing on building a contingent of cadres, especially strategic-level cadres, of high qualification who are competent and reputable leaders.
14:09, 2021/01/26
13th National Party Congress sets vision for Vietnam development next 5 years: Int’l media
Vietnam could embrace its emerging middle power status in the country’s upcoming agenda, said a US-based site on geopolitical risk insights.
13:37, 2021/01/26
13th National Party Congress – a crucial milestone for Vietnam development
Existing shortcomings and problems will be addressed in the next five-year period in order to drive Vietnam to be a strong and prosperous country by 2045, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc has said.
09:00, 2021/01/26
13th National Party Congress opens today
The every-five-year political event will select new leadership of the Party and discuss socio-economic strategies in the next term.
16:17, 2021/01/25
What do foreign media cover Vietnam’s top political meeting?
Foreign media reported both achievements and challenges facing the country on the occasion of the congress.
15:15, 2021/01/25
Vietnam receives three new ambassadors
Ambassadors from Spain, Iran and the Philippines have begun their missions in Vietnam.
10:08, 2021/01/25
First day of National Congress: Delegates gather for preparatory meeting
Delegates start the congress sessions with laying a wreath at late President Ho Chi Minh’s Mausoleum.
09:24, 2021/01/23
Vietnamese Americans hope better time ahead with the new US government
Vietnamese Americans are relieved that after a tumultuous presidential period, the US is entering a new phase.
17:51, 2021/01/22
Vietnam takes last-minute check ahead of the National Congress
Both police and army join the activities ensuring security for delegates and guests.
15:41, 2021/01/22
ASEAN proposes using Covid-19 Response Fund for vaccines purchasing
The fund is aimed to assist member states with vaccine procurement and rollout plans.
14:33, 2021/01/22
Vietnam, Australia to strengthen ties to strategic partnership by 2023
The two countries will soon sign the Australia-Vietnam Enhanced Economic Engagement Strategy (EEES).
07:28, 2021/01/22
Vietnam leaders congratulate US President Biden
Vietnam believed that the relations will continue developing thanks to achievements gained over the past 25 years.
20:39, 2021/01/21
Good preparations for qualified candidates: State President
The election that ensures democracy and solidarity will help choose qualified candidates.
17:41, 2021/01/21
Stronger actions for AO/dioxin victims needed: PM
Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc said it’s needed to mobilize different sources for the victims, ensuring no one left behind.
14:36, 2021/01/21
US intensifies efforts in addressing war legacies
US Ambassador to Vietnam Daniel Kritenbrink believes that efforts from both sides to solve war legacies could help build trust among the two countries.
09:48, 2021/01/21
Member states attend forum preparing for 2021 Shangri-La Dialogue
The forum marked the attendance of more than 200 defense officials and non-governmental experts from more than 20 Asian-Pacific nations.
13:48, 2021/01/20
Hanoi deploys security forces for National Party Congress
Hanoi’s police is required to actively foil any plot against the national security and social disorder.
12:47, 2021/01/20
Singapore appoints new ambassador to Vietnam
The bilateral relationship has upgraded to Strategic Partnership in 2013 with Singapore the largest investor in Vietnam currently.
17:06, 2021/01/19
Vietnam to hold online nationwide meeting ahead national election
To prepare for the election, the National Election Council made its debut in Hanoi on June 12.
16:50, 2021/01/19
Vietnam-China relations: Close political links
The current stage of the relationship began with the full normalization of relations in November 1991.
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