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Metropole Hanoi rated among top hotels worldwide
13:14, 2014/09/26
The Sofitel Legend Metropole Hanoi hotel was selected as one of the “100 World’s Best Hotels”, according to Fodor’s Travel - a global publisher of travel and tourism information.
More than 500 specialists and thousands of Fodor readers surveyed and evaluated over 5,000 hotels in the world, assessing their quality of service, architectural atmosphere and accommodation.
Built in 1901 in the heart of Vietnam’s capital, the Metropole Hanoi is the first hotel in the country to receive this award.
The Metropole hotel has received a great deal of praise over the last century and welcomed a number of famous guests, including presidents of the US, France and Switzerland, the Prince of Monaco, and the King of Malaysia, as well as many prime ministers, ambassadors, business leaders and film stars, such as Charlie Chaplin and Jane Fonda.
The list of the world’s 100 best hotels includes famous establishments, such as the Four Seasons in Las Vegas, the US; the Park Hyatt Paris Vendôme in France; and the Taj Mahal Palace in India.
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