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Marta Kisiliczyk’s exhibition: Spotlight in year celebrating Vietnam-Poland ties
Linh Pham 17:06, 2020/11/19
Marta Kisiliczyk’s story and work encapsulate the friendship in yet another way.

A painting exhibition titled "Transformation" by famous Polish artist Marta Kisiliczyk has been organized in Hanoi as part of activities to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the establishment of the Vietnam-Poland diplomatic relations.

 Polish Ambassador to Vietnam Wojciech Gerwel. Photo: VOV

The exhibition has attracted a large number of visitors as the Covid-19 pandemic is under control in Vietnam.

Polish Ambassador to Vietnam Wojciech Gerwel labelled the event as a significant festivity to mark the 70th anniversary of bilateral ties.

 Polish painter Marta Kisiliczyk. Photo: Chaohanoi

“Transformation” presents Marta’s abstract impression on the beauty of nature in Vietnam where she loves to explore.

The ambassador said Ms. Marta Kisiliczyk’s story and work encapsulate the friendship in yet another way. Friendship that transcends borders, and in particular the tested friendship between Poland and Vietnam. And beauty, the beauty of artistic expression, is manifested in the paintings on display.

“Marta Kisiliczyk’s journey is yet another example of the close bond of the Polish and Vietnamese people, and of the warm affection that we have toward each other,” the ambassador noted.

 "Sublime grow" painting. Photo: Linh Pham

It is said that the Pole is an abstract-impressionist working in the most vivid colors, her work is also impressionistic but those inspired by Vietnam’s nature are abstract.

Indeed, her paintings convey feeling over explanation. In an interview with Chào, she said “I paint with emotions. The most important thing for me is not meaning it is emotion. I don’t need to say anything. I leave that for books. I do not tell stories. I just want you to stand in front of my paintings and feel something. There is no message.”

In addition, Kisiliczyk said that she goes through different emotions when painting.

 "Imprinted inside". Photo: Linh Pham

It’s interesting that being Polish largely affects her work. She admitted that “I have a Slavic soul, and there is always this kind of odd darkness, and mystery. I am contradictory. I have this dark side. Depth. Intensity. There’s always this traumatic music and theatre. Yes, I am Polish.”

Chào believes that there is an intensity to Kisiliczyk’s work that’s hard to describe. It said fierce, vibrant slews of color seem to burst, even explode from the canvas, adding that her work “draws you in and grab your attention with their flamboyance, all striking slashes of popping pinks and jungle greens.”

Born and educated in Poland, Kisiliczyk completed her Masters’ Degree in Painting and in Textile Art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow. Her work has been regularly featured at London Affordable Art Fair and presented at London Art Fair and London Art Biennale.

Kisiliczyk has picked up a several prizes for her awards in Europe, including a first prize from the International Confederation of Art Critics in 2018.

The paintings on display are at the Vietnam National Fine Arts Museum for a week starting from November 13.

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